Say “no” to Churchianity

I’m trying to straddle this delicate line between feeling like I should post every day if possible…and really wanting to take weekends off. So I’m going to try to split the difference by having short posts on Saturday and/or Sunday and see if I can actually keep them short. Here goes…

Mrs. Blue recently pointed me to a blog called Truth for Dummies and I admit that I haven’t delved deeply into it yet, but what I see so far I do like, and it will quite likely end up in my blogroll at some point. But what caught my attention was when she mentioned the blog author had a post some time ago about “Churchianity.”

Now, there’s a term I like. So many Christians get tired of calling themselves Christians because they see so much judgmentalism, hypocrisy and over-aggressive evangelism among their brothers and sisters in Christ. But here’s the perfect term for so many of those folks, particularly the ones that really don’t do much for Jesus and God during the week. They practice Churchianity because they feel the core purpose of their born-again existence is to sit in a pew, sing hymns, listen to the pastor, socialize with the congregation and drag non-believers to the church or pressure them to come on their own.

Jesus told us to go out into the world and spread the good news. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to church, but I am saying that if that’s the bulk of your Christian walk, you’re already making serious missteps. And if you don’t go to church, there are other legitimate ways to keep yourself in the Word and on track, and that’s just fine; God’s priority for you isn’t to be in a building with like-minded people but out there in the trenches inspiring the lost souls to seek Him through your words and actions.

Just say “No” to Churchianity.

EDIT: Actually, I see Spirit Bear has a number of posts that mention Churchianity but one in particular is standing out for me…A New Rant…and it plays into my post a couple days ago about Pushing Christ

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