A Note From the Management

Just been taking it easy today. Went raspberry picking with the family today and that was a blast, and we just got back from breakfast. Little girl is down for a nap and I’m not sure I want to flex my mental muscles all that much today. So, not sure if today will bring a “real” post or not. But, for those who are interested, a brief note:

Both myself and Miz Pink have reason to mention our respective kids relatively often. And both of us realize that in our quest not to put our real names out there, we keep referring to our kids very generically. Yet we gave our spouses code names. Go figure.

In the interest of giving full life and humanity to ourĀ entire families, we have designated official blog names for all the kids. They aren’t exactly earth-shattering, but at least they’re better than “the kid.”

Deacon Blue and Mrs. Blue’s Kids

Eldest child and number one son shall henceforth be known as Son of Blue. He is 16 years old as of this post.

Youngest child, the headstrong little 3-year-old girl, shall go by Little Girl Blue.

Miz Pink and Sir Pink’s Kids

Oldest one, who is a boy in early adolescence as I write this, is to be known as Mini Pink Model 1.

Middle child, a preschool girl, shall be called Mini Pink Model 2.

Youngest child, who as of this post isn’t out of the womb yet and whose gender is as yet unknown, is designated Mini Pink Model 3.

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