Sometime this morning, I logged my 10,000th hit at this blog. Now, to be honest, I don’t know whether that’s good or not for a blog that’s been around since mid-February and had posts almost every day to read. I think I’m not in the dumper anyway, and I’m grateful for every reader I have.

Thanks to those who like what I read and tell me how good I am.

Thanks to those who maybe or maybe don’t like what I say and challenge me.

Thanks even to those who think I suck and tell me so.

Thanks to everyone.

So, today’s a special day and I’m making it a busy one. In addition to the two Two-Fer Tuedays posts as usual, I also have another installment in my blog novel Cleansed By Fire to follow up the previous installment just a few days ago.

8 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. Chris

    seems good to me… I’ve been around since feb. and just broke 1500 a couple days ago…of course, its all relative, but I am light green with envy 😀

  2. Deacon Blue

    Yeah, it really is all relative, and comparing blogs just doesn’t work. I mean, Stuff White People Like is in the multimillions in a short span of time and I’d feel pretty dumpy if I compared myself to them. And my wife’s blog, which is younger than mine, is getting daily hit totals that it took me a couple months to get up to on a regular basis.

    In any case, congrats on the 1,500 yourself.

  3. The First Domino

    Congratulations, Deacon Blue. 10,000 hits is an awesome achievement.

    But it’s not surprising given your exceptional writing skills, your reasoned positions, humor, candor, and, most of all, your respect for your readers and their views.

    I wish you a million more!


  4. Deacon Blue

    I’m just using what WordPress has built into the admin panels/pages…seems pretty trustworthy based on how LITTLE traffic I had at first. 😉

    Also, the WordPress stuff gives me good info about which posts are getting DIRECT hits as opposed to people just going to my main page…and give me good intel on what browser searches people are finding me with (some of which are quite odd…to be honest, nearly 1,500 of my hits are from people looking for images or info on Salma Hayek, or who are looking for pics of hot anime babes…both searches leading folks to a pair of posts by Miz Pink, one of which features a pic of a pregnant Salma Hayek and the other of which has a pick of some ninja anime chick…I think we can safely assume 90% of those folks left within seconds of getting to my blog. 😛

  5. Big Man

    WordPress still kicks blogger’s heiny.

    Oh, and I’m trying to eliminate profanity from my vocab. It’s very difficult, but I think it’s time. It’s so hard though. I figured you would be interested since we’ve discussed this before.

  6. Deacon Blue

    LOL…I’ve been trying to clean up my act a little, too, but more so that when I do use the bad words it is more for effect and impact than verbal laziness. But I’m a long way from cleansed in my mouth, and not sure I’ll get there fully any time soon…if ever.

  7. Daudi

    Congrats Deacon. I do enjoy your work, keep up the good stuff..and I do think I have a slight crush on Mz Pink (or the pics she uses..lol!).. I’ll be here when you hit 20,000.


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