Two-fer Tuesday: Respect by Miz Pink

Is respect soooooo hard to come by these days? If you think my hair is interesting, in style or texture or the little hint of pink in there, do you really think you can just come on up and touch it? Yuck! Because some of y’all do and it makes me upset.

If you have to start out by saying…I don’t mean to offend…or This is probably a nosy question…or anything like that, that should already be a tip-off that you’re about to say something you really shouldn’t say. Or at the very least, you shouldn’t be surprised if I still get mad even after you went and telegraphed your nosiness or rudeness or ignorance in the hopes that I’d just let you off the hook.

Is it so darn hard to address me with respect instead of calling me Sweetie or Hon? (Only relatives and Sir Pink can get away with that stuff)

When we post online and go to Facebook and stuff, do you really have to let all of us know intimate details of what you’re up to right now? Just because someone’s your Facebook friends doesn’t mean they want to know your pelvis is really sore or that you just cleaned a bunch of gunk out of your toenails or whatever.

I kinda figured that as we slowly broke down old prejudices a bit and started thinking a bit more in terms of actual equality among men and women and different races and even different classes….well, I though maybe we’d see more respect.

I don’t know if it’s just something about our human nature or if the Internet has just made it easy to stop caring about manners or what, but give me some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

And everyone else, too.

3 thoughts on “Two-fer Tuesday: Respect by Miz Pink

  1. societyvs

    Great post – and I agree – people should learn about how stuff like this effects the other gender…I would also say the same goes for girls and some of their misunderstandings with guys nuances (and yes – we suck sometimes). I am learning this is a very needed thing for many people – including myself.

  2. robyn

    the world has gotten too open and yet has gotten too closed.
    everything is public and everyone seems to feel a right to comment on those things which [in my younger days anyway, i’m 50 on thursday] heretofore were public.
    personal life is personal. even if posted online.
    body respect is vital. no one can touch without permission.

  3. Inda Pink

    Hey, Society…yeah, the gender thing is pretty important. Wasn’t really the focus since I was really goin for a more general vibe, but Deke tells me you’re going throgh some heavy relationship stuff right now, so I can defintely understand why that portion would speak to ya.

    Good points Robyn. Thanks.


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