Cleansed By Fire Update: What the Hell Is That?

I’m really not feeling very inspired today for posting; just don’t have any topics striking me at the moment, though I’m sure there is plenty to say about something and I’m just not motivated enough to do it. 😉

However, let me say to readers of my Cleansed By Fire novel that I have once again updated the portal page and added a couple new items:

A glossary of apparel, armor and personal high-tech accoutrements

A glossary of weapons and weapon-related technologies

A couple other glossaries/reference pages will be up soon, and they will be even more substantial, covering a lot of miscellaneous things and lingo used in the novel that might be confusing. Or, even if they aren’t confusing, the least I can do is explain them a bit more for added color, right? But anyway, these two new ones should keep any curious minds satisfied until then.

As always, I invite input on the novel as I release new installments here on the blog. Yes, even critical comments that tell me I’m doing something stupid. This really is a first draft of a novel that I will polish up later and try to get published; you can be a part of making it better. Besides, I like feedback, if for no other reason than to confirm that folks are actually reading it and want me to continue writing it.

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