Splitting My Affections

I may have a flurry of posts today, since I want to get the next installment of my novel up, and since Big Man suggested an interesting little topic the other day, and since I’m feeling guilty about not posting more often lately.

But before all that, a word about some of what’s keeping me away from here.

Truth be told, if anyone had told me I’d be writing a blog at all, I would have laughed at them. Even though I’m a writer, I couldn’t see any reason I would ever need to blog. But when I started getting involved in reading other people’s blogs and commenting at them, God had the Holy Spirit tap me in the back of the brain and whisper in my spiritual ear. I felt very much moved to start this blog, both as a way to express myself and my opinions, and to be of service to my Father in Heaven and my Lord Jesus Christ, too.

Now, if someone told me I’d start a second blog while still doing the first one, I would have called you crazy. And yet, that’s what I’ve done.

But, seeing as how I have limited time and am in the processing of either retooling or completely altering my career, chances are that my posts around here may be more along the lines of 4 times a week or so instead of 6 or 7.

So, what am I blogging about that I don’t already talk about here? If you’ve been a reader long enough, you know my opinion about porn. That is, I’m pretty much all for it, as long as it (a) doesn’t get in the way of real relationships, (b) doesn’t go into illegal territory, and (c) steers clear of possibly exploitative stuff (i.e. it is ethical as well as legal).

The first condition is pretty easy for most folks; if you choose porn over a willing partner, you need your head examined, seriously. Second one seems a no-brainer to me, too, if you’re a decent person.

As for the third one, in this age of the Internet and the preponderance of good amateur and semi-pro home-based porn, and the fact that there are some porn directors out there with interest in plot and artistry (few though they be), it’s pretty easy to find porn that you can be confident didn’t exploit or use anyone.

This is why, even though I am (like most guys) a very visual creature, I like erotic fiction. Kind of hard to exploit people when they are imaginary to begin with. And so I started a blog to explore my fiction along erotic lines as an outlet for me, as well as to do some commentary and such about erotic topics.

For those of you with inquiring minds, you’ll have to remain inquiring, as I won’t be sharing the location of this blog nor the subject matter. Certain things must remain mine, and my more exotic sexual interests will be one of them. Even though I guard my real identity around here, there may come a day when I do need to take off the mask here at this blog, and I really don’t need my family embarrassed by having people trek over to view my erotic fiction, too.

And, frankly, I don’t think I want most of you seeing that deeply into my desires, anyway, nor do most of you probably want to.

Anyway, within those self-imposed strictures, I wanted to be as forthcoming as possible so that you know how I’m spending my days and know that I’m not letting this blog slide.

Just splitting my time, and my affections, a bit for a while.

10 thoughts on “Splitting My Affections

  1. TitforTat

    You gotta love how people make things work in their lives. I joked with my old pastor about making “porn for Christians”. Little did I know you beat me to it. 😉

  2. Deacon Blue


    If I had enough skills behind the camera and enough charm to recruit folks…and, more importantly, could figure out how to have any sex scene that didn’t violate the sin of fornication, short of always filming married folks…I’d have already started a Christian porn site.

    Believe me, whatever else it may be, my other blog is most certainly not Christian porn. 😉

  3. 32B

    LOL! Quite interesting…I started a second blog for the same reasons. And here I was thinking I’m a nutjob…

  4. Deacon Blue

    32B, The question is whether Mrs. Blue will think I’m a nutjob… 😉 I’m kind of surprised she hasn’t teased me about this post yet nor expressed any curiosity about it yet.

    …Since I never told her that I had started this side project.

  5. robyn

    i used to write hardcore S&M porn. you can see on my site that i still write erotica. i don’t post the more blatant stuff because my kids read my blogs, as does my ex-spouse.
    enjoy yourself deke, and the rest of us will, too!

  6. Deacon Blue

    You know, robyn, I constantly forget that you and Winged Unicorn are one in the same. I should visit your blog more often…

  7. Her Side

    Ha! I am one of your regular readers, and I started my second blog to talk about the relationship stuff that people just don’t need to attach to my real name. And I don’t have a link from my regular blog either. It seems like a second “anonymous” blog – to be a little more explicit – is spreading these days. LOL

  8. Deacon Blue

    My other blog is already starting out with more hits than this one did…but I shouldn’t be surprised. My hits around here always went up when I talked about sex stuff… 😉

  9. Her Side

    omg. No kidding. My other blog (linked to this username) got hits and visitors like crazy when it started. Not so for my regular blog.

    Only two people on this planet know that I own both blogs. I could have sworn that I sent you an email some time ago – which would make you the third person. You were supportive of the endeavor at my regular blog, so I wanted you to see the fruit of my labor. :-)

  10. Deacon Blue

    I sometimes get confused with who is whom (not the greatest memory and too much on my mind), but yes, you did e-mail me, and yes, I’m 98% certain I remember which of my female readers you are.

    I should probably just put your Her Side-authored blog in my blogroll so that I don’t forget to visit it…as well as to encourage some traffic from me to you. In fact, I’ll do that after I post this comment

    I feel a little bad that I’ve been posting almost daily at my second blog and less often here, but then again, I posted pretty frequently here when I had lots on my mind to talk about. Now I feel like I have enough loyal readers that they won’t mind if a take a day or two off.

    Also, it’s been quite um….fun to write erotic fiction. It’s always nice to be able to write something that moves you personally…whether emotionally or in…other…ways. 😉


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