Here Comes Trouble by Miz Pink

Thought about naming this post “Tough Luck” but figure the picture still fit anyhow.

Well, here comes trouble in the form of me finally back after a long hiatus filled with toxic waste diapers, endlessly nursing child and sleepless nights. I have come to deliver you from the quiet chirupp chirupp chirupp of crickets as Deke neglects his blog. Perhaps Fourth of July was too good for him this year and he’s still recovering.

But also Here Comes Trouble in so many other packages too besides the pink-infatuated moi here to regale you.

We also have governors who disappear with no notice to get jiggy with women abroad and then declare said fillie to be their soulmate even as they say that they will “TRY” to fall back in love with their wives. Okay really only one governor just did that but I kinda assume most of them want to…or just diappear for hours at a time to visit the mistress in the uptown condo instead.

And we have governors who leave their posts waaaaaay early for reasons that make no sense when the real reason is that they want to find some way to be in the limelight long enough to maybe catch America on a stupid day come 2012 in the hopes that they will vote for another idiot more idiotic than Georgie Porgie Bush the Junior. Okay only one governor did that either but she sure did it in stupidly grand style.

Both of these nitwits are the reason I almost titled this thing “Tough Luck.” because the way the people in power in the republican party are going, it looks like they may be crashing and burning and praying for FOX to covert all of America into neocons. Tough luck. Boo hoo. You’re all a bunch of babies imploding.

I’m claiming this as a victory for the liberals to take back Christianity AND politics, dang it! They didn’t make ’em much more left wing than Jesus back in the day and it’s time we stop letting the crazy conservatives take over the church and keep using it to drive home hypocritical invasive agendas in pursuit of money, power and prestige.

I now return you to your regularly schedule deacon if he can get his behind in here to do a post.

6 thoughts on “Here Comes Trouble by Miz Pink

  1. Black Diaspora

    Repubs believe that the way to regain power is to beat down, or destroy those currently in power.

    Are we suckers enough to fall for such folly, are or the Repubs suckers for believing that we will?

    Politics–at least the way the Repubs practice it–is a “survival of the fittest” struggle, and comes down to a mud-slinging contest, rather than a contest of competence–where the best ideas, solutions, and methods are politically rewarded.

    Hell, the gladiatorial arena couldn’t have been more vicious: yesterday’s gladiators probably fought with more honor and dignity than I’m seeing in the political arenas of today.

  2. Deacon Blue

    Black Diaspora,

    A pity that the political will of the populace can be such a changeable and fickle thing, because sometimes, as a whole, we are suckers, as evidenced by electing Dubya…twice.

    I hope American learned its lesson for a while there.



    You women, always sticking togther. 😉

  3. Seda

    ‘Scuse me, Deke? We didn’t elect Dubya, even once. The fraud in Florida in ’00 included illegally removing 57,000 folks with minority-sounding names from the voter roles, and the recount done after the Supreme Court weighed in still showed Gore winning. And the popular vote was clear. ’04 was a little murkier, but given the prevalence of voter fraud and vote-flipping in Ohio, the best we can say is that it was a tie and we really don’t know who won for sure. What gets me is we just laid down and took it, rather than taking to the streets like they’re doing in Iran.

  4. Deacon Blue

    Well, a LOT of people still voted for the idiot, or the fraud wouldn’t have been enough to put him over. A lot more people voted for him than should have. Even GOP supporters should have never been dumb enought to let him get past the primaries and into the final stretch frankly. So, I still stand by the fact that much of America, in both elections, showed serious sucker tendencies. 😉


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