Changes Around Here

So, the wife and I had a serious discussion about some stuff the other day, and for a variety of reasons (that included) I am re-evaluating how I spend my limited time and finding myself with a growing commitment to go in certain directions and put others aside for a season.

Right now, between my other blog and the novel I am in the midst of writing in first-draft form at this blog, I am quite focused on fiction. Whether more carnal fiction or the intellectual/action-oriented stuff, I want to remain in that groove right now and let the creative juices flow.

At the same time, Miz Pink has been feeling bad about not posting much lately hereself, and is feeling the blogging bug biting at her fingertips again.

So, for a while at least, I will probably post almost nothing but novel updates myself, unless something just really strikes my fancy spiritually speaking or regarding current events and social issues. I’m just a bit burned out on those fronts right now and need to recharge.

Meanwhile, Miz Pink will pop in here probably at least a couple times a week with insights, rantings, ravings or what-have-you to fill in the gaps I am leaving by focusing on my novel.

That’s about it. Carry on. :-)

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