Respect the Office by Miz Pink

So, okay…let me see if I got this straight.

Not only did we just have a guy who showed up at a New Hampshire town hall meeting of the president packing a serious looking open-carry rig with a 9mm pistol but now if I understand right we had some chick outside another Obama related event with a sign saying something about kill President Obama, kill his wife, and kill his kids.

What the &#$@!

Look I know there are plenty ‘o crazies in the world. Plenty of people who think violence is cool and think Death Wish was a warm and fuzzy movie.

But these were probably the same people insisting we respect a president who didn’t know what he was doing at all (yes, the Shrub known as George), and they have the balls to come armed to the current president’s events and/or encourage violence not only toward him but also his family. These are the same people, I’m guessing, who thump their Bibles and push out their chests when they talk about the moral high ground of the U.S. and the need to post the Ten Commandments and make marriage follow biblical rules and herd up all the homos to re-educated ’em.

Aside from the crazy factor, what I see here is a huge disrespect to President Obama. The notion that you can treat the man this way when he’s president and the notion that you wouldn’t immediately haul these people away from questioning and possible jailing boggles my mind because that’s what would have happened with the idiot guy in office.

But put a dude in office in a messed up economy that the right-wingers created and he’s got some functioning brain cells (though not enough cajones politically some days, I fear) and all of a sudden you can just treat him like some thug who waltzed up on your lawn.


Wonder why there’s so much more open, blatant disrespect of this guy…bald-faced hateful boldness…threats to his family including kids…rejections of his citizenship…notions that he must be sympathetic to or beholden to all sorts of Muslim folks…


Well, we know it’s not because he’s BLACK, right?

After all, he got elected in a nation where only 12% of folks are Black. Couldn’t be that we have any racism anymore…

Yeah. Right. Suuuuuurre.

10 thoughts on “Respect the Office by Miz Pink

  1. thewordofme

    Hi Miz Pink, glad to hear from you again.

    “Well, we know it’s not because he’s BLACK, right?”

    Sorry to say but it is mostly because he is black. I can’t believe what I am reading on some blogs and websites. The amount of crazies scares me to death, and the amount of vile thoughts and wishes towards the man make me ashamed to be what I am. Just keep in mind that most people don’t feel that way, but they aren’t the ones posting so they get lost sometimes.
    Good wishes to you and the Deacon.

  2. Inda Pink

    LOL…just in case the sarcasm wasn’t evident, let me say I know full well it’s mostly because he’s black…a shame that so many people want to pretend that it’s something else. Dear Lord, I hope this man can survive his presidency. And I’m not sure I’d wish a second term on the guy. Or his family.

  3. Deacon Blue

    But, he’s not just Black.

    Remember, he’s a Black, Socialist, Fascist, Muslim, Baby-killing, Effete, Egg-headed, Idiotic…

    …Hmmmm, so many labels attached to him over the past year or so…and so many of them completely contradictory.

    At least everyone who criticized Dubya pretty much agreed, and there weren’t any contadictions: Lazy, idiotic tool with delusions of being God’s right hand man.

  4. robyn

    hey deke and ms pink…

    haven’t you heard that before he became a muslim he was jewish?

    he only became a muslim because himmler was a fan of the religion and he’s a self-hating nazi who was born someplace or other that wasn’t a state.

    seriously, when i walked into the booth last november, i wondered if by pulling the lever next to POTUS’s name i was signing his death certificate. told myself, it’s an occupational hazard for the worst of them, let alone the best, and pulled.

    the only good thing i can say about dubya is he rides his trek like a pro.

  5. Deacon Blue

    Jewish even before he was Muslim…and now pretending to be Christian (probably only pretending to have an advanced degree, too)

    Devious bastard.


  6. robyn

    my daughters are convinced that lenny kravitz is the perfect man:
    beautiful voice, smart,black, jewish, a new yorker and OMG, THAT BODY!

    next time someone says, your african american president is screwing up this country, you can use my answer: it’s the white half that’s screwing things up. look at his predecessors!


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