5 thoughts on “The Idiocy of Hannity by Miz Pink

  1. Deacon Blue

    Shameless hussy. You already have a kid from your first husband and two with Sir Pink. Now you want one that looks like Jon Stewart? I mean, I love the guy myself, but if you’re going to step out, go for George Clooney’s genes.

  2. robyn

    jon stewart had a talk show back in the mid 90s about 1 am. all the jewish mothers i knew tried to hook him up with their daughters.
    what, we were going to make shiddach with howard stern [who is in real life is VERY polite. yeah, i’ve met him. been on his radio show twice? three times? and his TV special once]

  3. Deacon Blue

    Oh, I just kid, robyn. Lord knows I didn’t get my wife with looks (though she’s attractive).

    Still, I’m not sure Sir Pink would want to raise Jon Stewart’s love child. 😉


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