A Not-Safe-For-Work Reflection on Religion

Saw this on another blog today. I slightly modified the last item on the list to be a bit more accurate and all-inclusive to the overall goal.

A tiny bit foul-minded? Sure. A lot accurate? Yes.

How Religion is Like a Penis

  • It’s OK to have one
  • It’s OK to be proud of it
  • But please don’t pull it out in public and start whipping it around
  • And PLEASE don’t shove it down anyone’s throats

In case you’re wondering, the original fourth point was “PLEASE don’t shove it down down my children’s throats” but aside from the icky factor that induced in my head, I also thought that most people of adult age also don’t want it shoved down their throats.

I think this little bit of semi-raunchy humor encapsulates my feelings on religion. If both sides would follow these rules and respect the practice and possession of a religion while also not foisting it on anyone else without some kind of implied consent, we’d all be better off.

And the thing is, there are times in life when we might talk about our penises with people other than our lovers or spouses…or urologists. Just as we might talk religion. As long as it’s not used as a form of religious assault, can we just agree to get along and stop all the name-calling on both sides?

If not, you may force me to whip something out that you don’t want to see. 😉

2 thoughts on “A Not-Safe-For-Work Reflection on Religion

  1. robyn

    it is also okay to handle it, fondle it, think about it, watch it on youworship or worshiptube, be all consumed by the wonders of it and even shove it down the throats or up the ass of those who want it.

    just keep a bit of dignity about it.


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