My Man Milo

Around here, he’s known as Son of Blue (stepson, really, but why nit-pick?), and in hip-hop musical circles and on Twitter, he’s known as Milo. In any case, he’s already been responsible for putting out one batch of great music under the Nom de Rap monicker with a couple pals, he’s done a few live performances with some other friends as The Dilla Gents, and now he’s got a mixtape of his own solo stuff as Milo with the album title “I Wish My Brother Rob Were Here.” (get that here)

He’s gotten some good buzz around the new music in just the few days since he released the tunes online for free. He’s been reviewed in print here…and also here…and here besides. A well-respected critic and connoisseur of music, especially hip-hop, did a way-cool, detailed video review here of the mixtape.

This isn’t gangster rap or stuff about drinking, drugs and getting laid. This is stuff from his heart, nerdy and sentimental, philosophical and silly…and downright good stuff. It’s like literary-style tweets and hit-and-run poetry against a backdrop of musical beats, and you need to check it out.

I’m not just saying that because I love Son of Blue. It’s because he’s good. And because I love the shit out of him and he’s the nerd who always has my geeky back in any fight, real or metaphorical.

It might also be because he’s a sophomore in the hinterlands of Wisconsin at a small, conservative college that sometimes drives him nuts, working toward a philosophy degree. Every ear listening to him puts him one tiny percentage point closer to making a name for himself in music…good music. Not that crap you hear coming out of most cars and bars and shit.

And if he never becomes famous, or renowned or even semi-professional with the music, he still deserves a listen. (Besides, it’s free…right herefree download)

Hell, your ears deserve a little bit of Milo, aka Son of Blue, aka possible future philosophy graduate who might be living with me, his mom and his sister for a few years while he gets ready to start up his own farm and spread the message of ovo-lacto-vegetarianism.

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