That Damned Moving Target

I may have already kind of blogged about this, but maybe not. I have so many blogs now it’s hard to keep track.

When I started this blog, the parent of all the others…the genesis of my blogging self…it was intended to focus on religious and spiritual topics. Oh, I still could be snarky back in those early days, and irreverent, and I certainly had a liberal streak back then, too, but things were different.

My faith was in a somewhat more naive place. I wasn’t a closed-minded Christian who looked down upon non-Christians, but I did have a few beliefs that trended more conservative than liberal. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In my politics as well I hold a few right-leaning views. That’s why I consider myself moderate and not left-wing. I’m strongly liberal, but not wholly liberal.

But what bugs me a little is knowing that people might come to this blog finding older posts first, and might get an idea of who I am and what I believe that doesn’t reflect where I am now, in a place where not only are my religious views more progressive but I’ve also started covering a lot more around here than just spiritual matters.

Also, I worry that people will come to me through my more recent posts and then go exploring back into the past and see things that conflict at least slightly with what I’m saying now. Will I be perceived as wishy-washy, inconsistent or hypocritical…or will they see that as growth and evolution?

Maybe I worry too much about it. I don’t know. I know that I need to update my various “about me” and “about this blog” pages. They need a huge refresh. But I also wonder, what should I do with my older posts that don’t feel to me like they are representative of my current views…or are skewed now in some way?

Do I delete them? Probably not. That seems dishonest and extreme.

Do I move them to some separate area of the blog? Seems like a big pain in the ass?

Do I go through them, after creating some new category, and put them in that category of “early beliefs” or something like that?

Do I do nothing. Probably not.

Or do I do something I haven’t thought of yet?

Maybe you have some thoughts? If so, share ’em.

One thought on “That Damned Moving Target

  1. Ashley

    Maybe add a disclaimer to the top of some (all?) posts in question. Something that explains what you wrote about in this post…invite them on the journey.


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