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Self-deprecation Mode Engaged…

So, someone in my timeline on Twitter made a comment about people who still have Angelfire and Geocities accounts and how embarrassing that is.

Well, that reminded me that my very first website (which featured fiction, poetry, prayers and other such things in the early part of my rediscovery of Christianity) was hosted at Angelfire.

After much painful Google searching, I tracked down the URL.

God what an embarrassing looking piece of shit that site was. The content isn’t all bad, though it represents a stage in my spiritual walk that doesn’t totally apply to my current mindset. But God is it ugly.

Since I haven’t been posting much, I might as well put up a link to it so that you can all laugh at me behind my back (or in my face as the case might be). Here is “Faith@Work”:

Neglectful, Yet Productive

I’ve been very bad lately about tending to this blog. On the other hand, I’ve been keeping a decent pace of fiction writing at my Tales of the Whethermen blog. Honestly, if you haven’t gone there yet and like fiction, please visit. And for God’s sake, someone comment on my writing, even if it’s to tell me what I’m doing wrong. 😉

Yes, the blog is superhero/super-power-oriented, but in all honesty, characters, relationships and issues are my drivers for most plots. No “bam” or “pow” action going on here (though there are the occasional fight scenes here and there).

I’ll try to have some new content for here soon. I have to admit, there just aren’t any issues grabbing me right now, spiritual or political. Maybe I’m just tired and need a holiday rest from both topics (aside from celebrating the birth of Jesus on the day he probably wasn’t born on).

The Whether’s Fine…Go See For Yourself

If I haven’t already pointed you to it yet, there’s a website you should at least give a few moments of your time. Sure, it’s because one of the architects and founders of it is my own stepson, aka Son of Blue.

But it’s also a fascinating repository of young adult wit, rumination and insight.

It’s called The Whethermen’s Union, and it’s here.

Besides, check it out now before it becomes a movie or spawns some book deals or something, as it’s quickly rising in the ranks among Internet sites; it even gave inspiration for my own recently launched fiction blog (superhero-oriented) at

New Layout Woes?

So, it looks like my recent layout change here at the blog may lose me one of my regular readers, as Robyn recently posted (here) that it hurts her eyes, no matter what resolution she sets her computer monitor at.

Is anyone else having problems with the new format?

Or, for that matter, are you neutral or do you like it?

Let me know. I resisted changing for a long time and actually thought this would be an improvement over the previous format.


While I have enjoyed some increased momentum in my blogging here, with more regular posts again, I must inform y’all that a bug has cramped by style and is draining my energy, so I may be gone for a couple more days or so.

Oh, and TWOM, sorry to have left you hanging in that earlier discussion. I will try to return to it before it becomes a completely “cold case” in the Deacon Blue Files. 😉

Slow Going

Been trying to be good about posting with decent regularity again, but things might slow down again for a few days, as I just launched a blog related to my job (the one that pays most of my bills) and I’m understandably fixated on making sure it’s well set-up, has regular content and is getting promoted adequately. I’ll be back in full form (I hope) here later in the week.

Deacon New

Belatedly, after owning my new glasses for months, I finally updated my headshot in the sidebar over on the right. Because I know all the ladies out there are dying to see my sexy self…and the men are dying to copy my style.


Yeah…if only it were so. (Though Mrs. Blue insists a young woman was appraising me appreciatively at the new Mexican restaurant in town.)

I may have to change the pic again soon though…Son of Blue insists that my new profile pic should be me wearing my new gray straw fedora.

I Am Deacon, I Am Shorn

A completely useless post, unless you’ve inadvertently swallowed poison and need a visual emetic (three photos of me) to help bring the toxins back up out of your stomach.

I used to wear a goatee (OK, technically, a Van Dyke, since I have a mustache, but most people don’t get that nuance) in the warmer weather months, and reserved the full beard for fall and winter mode. But as my wife began to find my old glasses less and less desirable to look upon, it was decided in a wholly (or at least mostly) democratic fashion that I should retain the full beard until we could afford to get me an eye appointment and new specs. And so it’s been more than a year now, I think, since I’ve seen my cheeks.

I’ve had the new glasses (geek chic look, I like to call it) for months, but only now is the weather truly beginning to make me think warmth is back. So, while I risk losing my blogging strength by cutting off more than half my beard, I will risk the Lord’s wrath. Back to the Van Dyke facial hair for a while, so that Mrs. Blue can have some melanin-challenged cheeks to rub and pinch again.

Little Girl Blue was fascinated with the whole process, and insisted on watching while I removed the beard and stubble. She didn’t even remember that I once had cheeks to show.