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Two-fer Tuesday: Faces by Miz Pink

What kinda face are you putting out there? What’s your persona? What it the way you present yourself to the world?

Because ya know there ain’t nothing wrong with have different faces with different groups or different people or in different places. We aren’t just one person but many. We have a core personality sure but that doesn’t mean we don’t tweak it for one person or anoter or tap more deeply into one aspect a certain gathering compared to another aspect at some other gathering.

It’s not dishonest to be different with different people. I don’t talk Jesus as much with my non-church-going people as I do with my Bible study group. I don’t talk about sex or relationship woes as much with my Bible study group as I do with my girlfriends.

But what we need to be sure of is that we don’t make up a personality solely for the sake of fitting in. If I am acting a fool with my girlfriends and doing things that are morally or socially questionable, I’m not being honest to my Christian core and maybe those aren’t good people to be hanging out with. If I have to manufacture safe topics to speak with my Bible study group and can never manage to find a suitable non-biblical topic of smalltalk with them, then maybe the only thing I have in common with them is faith and I would be happier and get more out of Bible study with a group of Christians with whom I connect better.

It’s nice to have variety in our relationships and how we interact. Just make sure that you’re honest to yourself and with yourself and with others when you do.

A Little Flash Ain’t Bad by Miz Pink

I’m not really a fan of pastors and churches that turn on the glitz. I certainly don’t like to see pastors who drive Cadillacs or Saabs or Infinitis that I know the congregation directly or indirectly paid for. Custom suits that for a single one might cost most than an average churchmember’s entire wardrobe don’t make me happy.

That because God doesn’t want us to be about style or showmanship. Being good storytellers and truthtellers sure…I mean, that’s what Jesus was. But he wasn’t about being flashy.

Pink HatThat said, a little flash ain’t bad.

Because when you go the other direction and start dressing like you look like you should be in a welfare line (even though you’re employed) or should be on the cast of “The Waltons” or in a Mormon commune out in the boonies…well, that doesn’t work either. Certainly not for attracting anyone to the idea of a spiritual lifestyle.

What I want to see is for people to be modest, real and reasonable in their Christianity when it comes to makeup, dress, attitude, etc. etc. etc. So I don’t want to see Christians dressing like hootchie mommas out in public. I dont’ want to see them wasting money on brand names that are way beyond their means. I don’t want to see something nasty or out of character. Show your tatoos, but maybe steer away from getting ones of naked hussies and skulls with bloody knives through them.

But be yourself. As a Christian, that’s the best thing you can be because if you are yourself, you are real and you have that special “flash” that shows your own style, people might see that being a Christian doens’t mean some kind of uniform to wear and lockstep policies to follow.

Don’t be flashy. But do have some flash all your own.