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Revisionist History

I expect all sorts of nonsense to spill out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth.

I expect Republicans…particularly the crazy brand that we have to deal with right now…to practice revisionist history and paint events in distorted ways to support their agenda of enriching the rich and downtodding the poor.

But even so, this quote amazed the hell out of me with its putrid form of audacity and balls-out inaccuracy:


Down the hole with you

As we celebrate that the Chilean miners are finally being hoisted out from being thousands of feet underground for weeks, I would like to suggest that with that space having been organized so nicely and made relatively comfy (for a mine)…how about we put a few people down there in their place?

I nominate:

  • Glenn Beck
  • Ann Coulter
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Ingrid Newkirk

…just for starters. Any other nominations?

Rush to Judgement by Miz Pink

So I heard that Rush Limbaugh was hospitalized with worries that he might be having a heart attack while on vacation in Hawaii or something.

Several things occur to me as I heard about this…

  • Shouldn’t you put down a mad dog instead of trying to save it?
  • Why was Rush in Hawaii at the same time as the first family and was the Secret Services keeping an eye on that shifty, nasty, painkiller abusing lump of flesh?
  • Since when has Rush had a heart, much less one that might explode at any moment?

I don’t wish the man death because that would just be wrong but the fact is that I won’t miss him one teeny weeny tiny little bit after he croaks one day. This is the man who called women who expected fair and equal and non harassing treatment “femi-Nazis”. This is the man who thinks anyone who cares about the environment is a “eco-terrorist”. This guy has helped fuel the nonesence that our President might not really be native born and that he’s some kind of dangerous terrorist socialist muslim who seeks to destroy America.

I haven’t heard one sane, kind, level-headed, reasonable, decent word ever come out of Rush’s mouth.

RIP in advance ya big fat jerk but ya won’t be missed by moi…