Who Is Deacon Blue?

For a long time in this blog, I was known only as Deacon Blue. My actual name is Jeffrey Bouley (just call me Jeff, no need to be formal…or continue call me Deacon Blue, Deacon, Deac, Deke or whatever else; my blogging name is as welcome to hear as my real one).

I am a writer and editor with professional experience going back to 1990, when I obtained my bachelor’s degree in journalism and embarked upon my master’s degree program in magazine publishing, though to be honest I was writing long before then (and had been published in a nationally distributed magazine before I graduated from high school).

My birthday is March 24, 1968, so do your own math to figure out my current age; keeps me from having to keep updating that number. 😉

Professional Information

If you want to know more about my professional experience and/or how to reach me, click here. I am always looking for new work, and have a broad range of talents. And don’t feel like you can only offer me work in subject areas that I’ve covered before. I adapt well and learn quickly; that’s what I was trained to do as a journalist.

My Spiritual Side

So, what about my spiritual “credentials,” given that spiritual and religious issues are a frequent topic here? Well, can tell you right now I haven’t been to any seminary, and I’m no Bible scholar. But I was born again through faith in Jesus Christ back around 1995 or so. I’d been a Christian all my life until then, but never really considered Jesus’ sacrifices for humanity (and for me) and never truly accepted him as Lord and Savior. Once I did, my afterlife was secure, and my current life got very complicated, because a faith walk is a constant journey, and it has, I believe, many more potholes and other hazards compared to not taking the walk. But I also believe the payoff for making the journey is worth the problems along the way.

I actually am a deacon. That said, I’ve sinned plenty in the past; I still commit more sins than I should. I’m an evangelically based child of God and I believe in the truth of the Bible, which is the Word of God. That doesn’t mean I reject science and reason, and it doesn’t mean I disregard the value of other faiths. I just believe that I am on the best road, and I believe that the Bible needs to be interpreted with a firm understanding that it doesn’t get updated by God on an annual basis, so we have to understand why things were presented as they were way back when, and understand how they apply to us now. The Word of God doesn’t change, but He expects us to be smart enough to interpret it in context and fulfill the heart and intent of His words; not simply the letter of them.

Personal Snapshot

I’m married. I have two children. I’ve lived on the West Coast, the East Coast and in the Midwest. I’m currently ensconced in Northern New England, and that’s as close as I’m going to pinpoint things for you.

I like a nice cold pint of lager/ale (or two), or even a good White Russian, Kahlua and cream or Tequila Sunrise now and again, but rarely get the chance to do so.

I play computer games in which I do things I would never do in real life, I think Pulp Fiction is one of the best films ever made, I support socialized healthcare and a place for the death penalty, I consider my wife an equal partner, I speak to my kids rather than hitting them, I believe in the power of science as much as I do the power of faith, I think society is terribly slanted toward the rich and against everyone else, I think the justice system screws over minorities and the poor, and I think that using instant replays in officiating professional sports is a damned fool thing to do.

In other words, I’m a unique person, just like you, and don’t think you know who I am and what I stand for just because I am an evangelistic Christian. Because the fact is, I’m a liberal/progressive evangelistic Christian. I’m a boring guy. And a fascinating guy. And an average guy. I’m a lion and a lamb (usually depending on whether I’ve had enough coffee yet). I wield a pen mostly, but I’m prepared to take up the sword, too, if someone messes with those I love.

Sometimes, I will use colorful (read: foul) language on this blog. Many have asked me why, and have suggested it might be a stumbling block for people who are faith-based or who cannot reconcile the seeming incongruity of a Christian who sometimes has a blue streak. I don’t swear all the time, but when I do, it is to make an emphatic point or to express the intensity of my emotions about something. Cursing is, in the end, simply a set of words, and it has it uses, as with any words.

Additional Information

Click here to find out more about me professionally and how to contact me, particularly if you’d like some quality writing or editing work performed, or if you need communications consulting expertise.

Click here for the “cast of characters” who run through this blog.

10 thoughts on “Who Is Deacon Blue?

  1. Deacon Blue

    Now, Big R Daddy, you wouldn’t happen to be my favorite fan of MF Doom, Office Space/Pulp Fiction/Logan’s Run, and Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, now would you?

    (I only say this folks, to note that of the few responses so far in this blog, this one may very well be coming from someone in my personal circle, and thus biased toward liking my stuff) 😉

  2. Big R Daddy

    Naw, dawg.
    No idea who that joe is.
    I enjoy soft rock, and str8 ganxta rap.
    Also, for literature, I enjoy the writings of Grand Lodge Wizard Cletus Monroe, of my local KKK chapter.

    I heard Pulp Fiction was about negros, and thus passed it up.

    I forgive the mix up

    Love from Willaby Kentuck!


  3. Deacon Blue

    Looked up Cletus on Google and almost soiled myself when I saw the story that he and his KKK chapter were supporting Barack Obama for president. Took me 15 minutes on Google to confirm the story was a parody. And thank goodness, too. Not that I wouldn’t like to see a KKK chapter support a black candidate; the irony would be delicious. It’s just that I’m sure that would have to be a sign of the apocalypse. Well, Big R Daddy, enjoyed the laugh. Now you go and enjoy a little Neil Diamond alternated with Ice T. BTW, you and Rod Serling can jointly send me a postcard from Willaby.

  4. thewordofme

    Hi Deacon,

    Was reading some of your earlier posts and one caught my eye.
    Eusebius was VERY involved in bringing together the Bible as we know it today.
    He did his work at the direction of Constantine. First time the OT and NT was brought together in one codex.
    Regards thewordofme.

  5. happyendingsdoc

    You are a born again christian who thinks it might be ok to decriminalize prostitution? (I saw your post on another site)
    That is very interesting.
    Check out my site, I just finished a film on RI where prostitution is legal behind closed doors.
    Check out”happy endings” a doc film on Asian massage parlors in Rhode Island where prostitution is legal. Check the blog and youtube channel and leave comments. Sign up on the website to get updates on the release.

  6. Deacon Blue

    I think legalizing prostitution would do away with some of the more flagrant abuses of the women who are in that profession and might help clamp down on issues of disease transmission at least a little.

    However, that being said, I don’t *support* prostitution. I think it’s a way to make a living, but it’s not a way I would advocate.

  7. Sarah Rice

    I’m seriously diggin’ your blog… after all the random tweeting, it’s groovy to catch a larger slice of your brain. :) LOVE the “I’m a liberal/progressive evangelical Christian” line. There are lots more of us than people think. And GOSH I hate being lumped into certain other groups. Your post about “Types” nailed it.

  8. Deacon Blue

    Thanks. It’s nice to get back to posting more regularly on this blog again. I go through periodic dry spells around here and wonder if the blog has run its course, and then I get some renewal. Now if I can just get my other blog updated more regularly (though fiction takes a bit longer to put together lately with so many deadlines for work and competing obligations otherwise).

    Your comment reminds me, though, I really need to update my profile/about stuff here to reflect some of my more recent evolution in terms of spiritual thought.


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