Tales Listed Alphabetically

By Jeff Bouley / Deacon Blue

On this page, you’ll find all the series and stories, listed alphabetically. If you click on an entry that is for a multi-part series rather than a stand-alone story, it will bring you the archive list for the chapters of those stories, which will present them as the most recent chapters at the top and the earlier ones below in descending order.

Note that, unlike strict librarian types, if there is an article in the title of one of my stories (such as “the”), it’s part of the title…I wanted it there…it’s not extraneous…and thus I will put it in the “T” portion of the list. So if, for example, you are looking for a story you remember called “Pleasure Principle” and can’t find it in the P’s, you should look in the T’s (it’s “The Pleasure Principle”)

Each story has an indication next to the title/link as to how “serious” that story is, since the tales can run from the comedic to apocalyptically grim at times (plus, there are some that can be very much adult-only-oriented). “Serious” means it’s mostly dramatic rather than comedic, though such a story may have moments of humor as well. Perhaps the best way to translate “serious” in the list below is “middle of the road.”

If you want the same list as below, but with brief descriptions of the stories/series, click here.

A Farewell to Blue (serious)
All Hollows (serious)
Bad Breakup (serious)
Bad Business (serious)
Broken Legacy (very serious)
Burying the Lead (mostly serious)
Change Is Hard (serious)
Chimney Sweeps (very serious)
Contrivance (mostly serious)
Curiosity Thrills the Cat (serious)
Customer Relations (lighthearted)
Designated (very serious)
Dividing By Zero (serious)
Fallout (serious)
Fly Away, Fairy (serious)
Fishboy and Madman Strike Again (serious)
Fresh Wounds, Old Scars (mostly serious)
Happenstance (serious)
Hard Ride (serious)
Hippocrates Deferred (serious)
Hush-a-Bye and GoodKnight (serious)
Identity Crisis (mostly serious)
Ill Wind (serious)
Insanity Peal (serious)
Intersections (serious)
Lesson Plans (serious)
Let Freedom Ring (serious)
Love and Darkness and My Sidearm (serious)
Lucky Thing (serious)
Mild-Mannered (very lighthearted)
Morning’s Glories (mostly lighthearted)
On Guard (serious)
Out of Uniform (adults only – erotica story; X-rated)
Passings and Risings (serious)
Picking Up the Pieces (serious)
Pilgrim’s Progress (serious)
Prison of Wishes (very serious)
Questionable Matters (somewhat lighthearted)
Right Place, Wrong Style (serious)
Satan vs. Spirit (mostly serious)
Sick Leave (serious)
Spreading the Love (very serious)
Thankless Task (serious)
That Which We Hate (serious)
The Gathering Storm (multi-part series; being novel-length, tone varies from scene to scene, running full gamut)
The Pleasure Principle (sensual/slightly lighthearted)
The Rule of Opposites (lighthearted)
‘Tis the Season (serious)
Tough Love (serious)
Wolfman and Sparrow (very lighthearted)