Hypocrisy hell, part 3

spacey.jpgI used to hang out on some atheist discussion boards. No, not as an annoying troll. These were places that had discussion areas about religion that welcomed Christians and people of other faiths to discuss why they believe what they believe.

By and large, the discussions were civil and even enlightening. But I never could understand why I had to explain how my God could have always existed and not come from somewhere, yet atheists didn’t have to explain how the Big Bang could have created the universe and where it came from.

For some reason, I was constantly assailed by the argument that the universe was here and obviously existed and therefore they didn’t have to prove anything. The burden was on me.

But I never argued the existence of the universe, just the fact that the Big Bang is as unprovable as God. Yeah, I know the universe seems to be radiating from a central point, moving outward, but that doesn’t prove a Big Bang anymore than it disproves God. Maybe the universe is radiating outward because Heaven is in the center of the universe (that’s just for the sake of argument; not an assertion of “gospel truth”) and (a) God wanted everything moving out from that point or (b) the war in Heaven created shockwaves that carried creation along them.

All I’m saying is that the theory of the Big Bang assumes that there was a bunch of matter/energy mashed together that exploded into our current universe. How is that any more viable a theory than an intelligent God who existed before creation did?

Atheists argue, “Where did God come from?” Well, where did the damn material for the universe come from? Six of one, half dozen of the other…and equally improbable and unprovable if you come from a purely logical perspective.

Given the complexity of the universe and how nicely things tie together, I’m still in favor of some kind of intelligence behind it all. To me, that makes a lot more sense than random chance.

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