Sweet Talk by Miz Pink

We do like it when people tell us what we wanna hear don’t we? We say we want good plain straight talk but we rarely really do. For one thing, once we get it we usually realize it’s mostly double-talk or empty talk in the end (John McCain has really hit that home for me these days; yeah, Barack Obama, too a bit but he didn’t ride in on the “straight talk express” like ole John but on that change thang instead…so at least changing his tune is themetically straight.)

Whoops! Waxing political there. Let’s get back on track.

People love to have their egos stroked. So most of us would rather go to places where people tell us humans are basically good and certainly God will let most folks into heaven based on good deeds and other such dangerous talk. Heck I’m amazed at the Unitarian-Universalist church down the street and its sizable attendance. And why not? It’s church without Jesus. Its religion with almost no rules. It’s a congregation that tells you everyone is right when it comes to that “higher power.”

People also love to be entertained. Who doesn’t like a preacher or priest to get behind that pulpit and tell us some good tales and maybe get us to laugh a bit. Most of us don’t care whether he or she mentions God much…or Jesus for that matter…or the Holy Spirit. They just get in the way, right? Who wants to think about someone watching over us and watching what we’re up to?

As a woman, I know all too well how much my sisters in the world want some guy to whisper wonderful things in their ears and make us all gooey inside. Doesn’t matter if he’s good for us if he just makes us feel good for a while and tells us nice things. Then when he dumps on us later and smooths it over with more sweet words, it’s all good right? I’m sure men aren’t immune to this either. Lord knows I’ve sweet talked Sir Pink into some stuff he probly shouldn’ta ougtha done.

But let’s look at this… 

1 And when I came to you, my brothers, I did not come with wise words of knowledge, putting before you the secret of God. 2 For I had made the decision to have knowledge of nothing among you but only of Jesus Christ on the cross. 3 And I was with you without strength, in fear and in doubt. 4 And in my preaching there were no honeyed words of wisdom, but I was dependent on the power of the Spirit to make it clear to you (First Corinthians Chapter 2)

Paul valued straight talk and I respect that ish even if I don’t always agree with him. We need fewer honeyed words and more of them that maybe make us pucker up a bit.

If you just want to feel great about yourself, go for Oprah and the self help section of the book store. If you want to have a better spirit and be in touch with God, expect to hear and read some things that you might not like. But much like medicine, even if it goes down rough, youre usually better off in the end for having taking it.

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