Random Silliness

As I work to get some more installments of the “Cleansed By Fire” novel finished and try to charge up my brain to tackle various issues and try to at least blog every other day around here, I thought I’d provide a little filler, courtesy of some of the spam messages that try to get past the filter and into my comments around this blog. Here, then, are some excerpts from the most recent batch that I’ve purged from the spam queue:

Good time. , teen lesbians fingering, teen lesbians fingering is teen lesbians fingering, horny sluts fucking

URLs deleted from the above message. Not because I have anything against porn but because I doubt the sites deserve any promotional efforts nor are worthy of your time. But anyway, I see a lot of focus there on “teen lesbians fingering.” Call me old-fashioned, but I guess if I wanted to see them, I’d want to see a bit more action than just fingering. More importantly, why do the “horny sluts” get so much less promotion, and what have they got against a little fingering?

What is tiger airlines friends fly free was above which airline crate dog

I’ve seen better translations on fortune cookie messages and in my assembly instructions for cheap furniture from Asian or Eastern European sweat shops.

I dare you to read that line out loud, five times in a row, without needing some sort of surgery on your tongue afterward.

What your name? , hot tub pictures

If you’re asking for my name, shouldn’t you be inviting me to your hot tub, not just trying to get me to look at pictures of them?

And are there any teen lesbians in those hot tubs fingering some horny sluts?

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