I’m all a twitter…how about you? by Miz Pink

I know I shouldn’t oughtta pick on Deke but he did swear never to join Twitter and yet there he is! So, a little tweak for the newly “de-virginized” Deacon Blue-Twitter.

You see, I saw this story:

Actual people physically gather to talk Twitter

Sept. 22, 2009, 7:20 PM EST

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Twitter was a trending topic Tuesday — and not just on Twitter.

Actual people were physically gathered at the Skirball Cultural Center for the two-day conference dedicated to the micro-blogging site. Company co-founder Biz Stone opened the conference with a 40-minute speech about the origins of Twitter and its goal to make a positive global impact, citing the site’s importance in organizing political protests worldwide.

Pro skater Tony Hawk, attorney Mark Geragos, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, actors Tyrese Gibson and Greg Grunberg and addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky took part in panels on Twitter and celebrity.

Yes, that’s right. People gathered for a two day conference to discuss a social media site that only allows you to post what…100 characters or something like that?

Pardon me while I ROFLMAO until I pass out.

I will tease you about you Twitter decision until the day you die Deke.

6 thoughts on “I’m all a twitter…how about you? by Miz Pink

  1. Black Diaspora

    “[A] positive global impact, citing the site’s importance in organizing political protests worldwide.”

    No, I don’t twitter, or tweet, as it’s occasionally called. This much I can say for this little Internet service that could: It’s not short on grandiosity!

    Clever entry, mz pink. Shouldn’t you be a bit concerned that Deacon Blue is looking for a replacement sidekick for his blog? :)

  2. Inda Pink

    Until the day Deke can convince Mrs. Blue to post around here more than once every season or two I think my position is pretty secure. 😉

  3. Inda Pink

    yeah yeah yeah…watcha gonnna do? Hop a Greyhound bus all the way across the country to yank my nonexistant pigtails?

  4. Deacon Blue

    Nope. I’ll just start up a Twitter account for “MizPink” and start posting scurrilous and tasteless updates on your behalf.

    I can see it now:

    – Help! My head is covered in baby barf!

    – Confidentially, I think my husband’s band is only slightly better than a polka band stoned on angel dust

    – Oh no! The baby just pooped on my laptop.

    – I’m wearing tattered PJs right now and wolfing down a half gallon of Breyer’s rocky road flavor

    It could get a lot worse, of course…


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