Crazy Angry

I’m sure virtually all of you among my readers already know about the guy who crashed his little plane into a federal building because he was mad at the IRS, to which he owed a lot of money (and yet was able to afford owning a plane; go figure).

You’ve probably also heard the debates, quite cogent in fact, about how few people are calling this guy a terrorist, even though he would have been if he weren’t white.

But that’s not what bothers me at the moment.

What bothers me are things like this series of tweets (the tweets don’t bother me; its the problem they identify that concerns me) by BlackGirlInMaine, who notes:

Ok, I’m late to the party but there are actually folks who think Joe Stack is hero and a patriot? Man flew into a building…Seems like the cowards way out and then he took another life with him..a man who had done tours in Nam..sorry but Joe was not a hero…The thing is these folks who cheer and support this stuff walk along side of us..they look normal and you need to be concerned.

Or this comment by Thordaddy, whom I hate to even give space to after banning him, who at this post by Big Man at Raving Black Lunatic posted about the IRS-crazy plane-wielding white terrorist this little comment:

The difference between this disgruntled white guy and underwear bomber is that the former might actually increase your freedom while the latter has already decreased it AND HE DIDN’T EVEN SUCCEED in his martyrdom.

I always knew Thordaddy was crazy, but to even suggest that Joe Stack’s actions, murderous and anarchic though they were, might increase our freedoms by teaching the feds a lesson is beyond the pale.

I’m tired of people who scream that every brown- or tan-skinned man who straps on a bomb or flies a plane in anger is against our way of life and wants to kills us when he attacks a federal building or a bunch of innocents, but the citizen who’s angry at the government for something that’s his own fault is a hero.

You cannot have it both ways, people. The government today is almost exactly the same as the one we had under George W. Bush. If it was the innocent victim then, it still is now. If it’s a justifiable target in your eyes now, then it was then, and Dubya was as deserving of your ire as Obama.

Embrace terrorism or decry it. Don’t do both at the same damn time.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Angry

  1. robyn

    you don’t want to know how many calls and emails i got from people either wanting to know if i was okay or warning me to watch out, since i am an IRS pawn.
    this guy killed people.
    he did nothing to change his situation except end his life. he could have done that by jumping off a bridge and NOT hurt anyone else.
    yes, if he’d been black or arabic or any other minority, he’d be a terrorist by everyone’s standards, and not just by the standards of the thinking minority.

    aside: being a cynical new yorker by birth and for the first 40 years of my life we had a saying: you want to commit suicide by train, you better do it during the off hours cause if you mess with rush hour, we WILL kill you and pull the flesh from your bones and feed it to the rats. f*ck up your day, not the rest of the world. asshole.
    true story: guy trying to jump off the brooklyn bridge during morning rush hour. crowd response to emergency vehicles: let the prick die, we wanna get to work already!
    footnote: got to school late, trains were stopped because a guy was trying to off himself on the 3rd rail. teacher’s response: i don’t give a damn, you’re losing credit for the day.
    i wonder how many people were docked pay because thye were stuck in traffic in austin…

  2. Deacon Blue

    Thou minion of IRS evil! I compel thee by the power of Glenn Beck to stay back!

    However, I do hope no crazies make your life overtly difficult. Heck, if I had shelled out more money to people in your line of work, maybe I wouldn’t owe the IRS so much right now…

    Your other comments remind me of why I’m just not NYC material…LOL

  3. Kieyt

    This reminds me of an old Chappel Show skit…

    “I’m a good citizen because I pay my taxes.”

    “Bragging about paying taxes? You’re SUPPOSED to pay your taxes! What the hell do you want, a cookie?!”

    (Paraphrased slightly)

  4. Deacon Blue

    Actually, it would be nice if the IRS would send me a few cookies.

    Well, maybe brownies. I do a good job with cookies at home already. Don’t have a good brownie recipe though….


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