Being White…the Lighter Side

This is probably the only time I’ve seen a white comedian actually address white privilege.

Hat tip to Son of Blue for suggesting repeatedly that I check out Louis CK’s stuff…because I finally got around to it. Guy is funny as hell.

Here he is on “Being White.”

If for any reason that link should become dead at some point in the future, view it from my YouTube account (click here)

4 thoughts on “Being White…the Lighter Side

  1. Anna Renee

    Hi Deacon! OH MY GOD!! This guy is outrageously and insanely funny as hell!!! He is so on point with alot of his stuff! Spent the last hour laughing in shock and uproariously! The Catholic skit had my jaw on the floor! The guy is bold that’s for sure. His turning 40 skit was funny too! I’m comparing him to George Carlin.
    He’s on the first rungs of the ladder toward George Carlin greatness!

    Thanks to Son of Blue–we have to listen to our kids sometimes!!

  2. Deacon Blue

    The same night I found this, I spent the whole, night, into the wee hours, tracking down every bit of his I could on YouTube. His stuff about his kids was my favorite (and about equal to this sketch for me) because I think I have the slightly more intellectually advanced version of his older daughter.

    God help me.



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