And So It Goes…and Perhaps Ends

It was not quite the discussion I had envisioned it to be, but the debate about the Catholic Church and Vatican that started here has, at least from my standpoint, come to an end with a series of posts over the past couple days that were increasingly (though politely) combative on both sides. If it continues, it will be without me, as I feel further participation by me will only enflame matters and raise my blood pressure…as well as distract me from other things I need to do.

If you didn’t read any of it, or haven’t finished following it, I recommend you check it out.

There has been some interesting historical information shared, which is probably not 100% accurate on either side of our debate, but somewhere in the middle (though I think even in the middle, history tends to support my arguments ;-)) and there has been some insight into the mind of man who became Catholic and embraced it fully in his faith walk, and of another man who respects Catholics overall but cannot stomach the institution that leads them.

It is my hope that even in disagreeing with David, that I have not offended him. I have learned some things, and filled some errors in my knowledge, and gained more knowledge than I had before. I hope he can say the same, but who knows?

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