Jesus the Vegetarian?

I’m not willing to just sign onto this 100% blindly…too many people have come up with too many wild-seeming theories about Jesus, from him being gay and doing John (or doing Mary Magdalene, for that matter) to being a fan of capitalism…but among the various non-standard theories about Jesus, this one is among the more intriguing and plausible:

Might Jesus have been a vegetarian and against the killing of animals?

Read this story, which Son of Blue hipped me to:

Feel free to drop back in and discuss. I don’t have any deep thoughts of my own to post right now, so maybe I can start a discussion/debate amongst us all here.

2 thoughts on “Jesus the Vegetarian?

  1. robyn

    considering the cost of all forms of meat, from its care, raising, slaughtering to the difficulty preserving it, that is quite possible. historically, being a vegetarian was not a political statement, it was a practical one. fish was one of the few forms of flesh readily available. even chickens were kept for their feathers and eggs, being slaughtered only when past laying age. so perhaps not a TOTAL vegetarian, but a typical for the era ‘eat meat only on really special occassions’ omnivore

  2. Deacon Blue

    Good points.

    Personally, I suspect he partook of meat if for no other reason than he had several fisherman among his apostles and seemed to have celebrated Passover in a traditional manner…but you’re right that even so, someone who wasn’t rich wouldn’t be all that carnivorous.

    But the big question: Would Jesus have eaten Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls?


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