Meanwhile, at My Other Blog…

I do have a post or two planned this week for “Holy Sh!+” but in the meantime, why don’t you go enjoy some fiction.

A couple new chapters were posted in recent weeks for my series “The Gathering Storm.” If you haven’t started reading it yet, now’s a good a time as any (list of current chapters, in reverse order, is here), and it will keep you busy (21 chapters thus far).

Also have some one-off short stories at that blog that were posted in the past few weeks:

Curiosity Thrills the Cat

Dividing by Zero

Bad Breakup

Pilgrim’s Progress

That last story in the list is a Thanksgiving-themed story, so obviously I’m being a tad generous to myself in term of speed of output by classifying it as having been posted in “the past few weeks.”

All right, hopefully I’ll have a good rant or two up between tomorrow and the weekend.

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