I Am Not My Spouse’s Keeper

Much has already been said on the Internet about heckler Ellen Hurtz and our nation’s first lady, Michelle Obama, including by Awesomely Luvvie, my even more awesome wife and media outlets like the Washington Post.

I’m not going to rehash the points already made on this matter, and whether Obama was out of line (hint: she wasn’t) or whether Hurtz had any right to feel “taken aback” for getting scolded (she doesn’t). I’m going to simply say this:

No matter how good, noble or heartfelt your cause is, if you interrupt me in the middle of a speech to confront me about an issue I have no direct influence over…in other words, telling me to tell my spouse what to do about something…I will not be as nice as Obama was. I will start rapping you over the head with the microphone and ask you what you’re going to do about stopping the Westboro Baptist Church folks from constantly protesting at funerals of innocent victims who have nothing to do with the damned issues the church is foaming at their collective mouths about.

Because clearly, since you use similar tactic of protesting in a completely out-of-context manner, it must mean you have influence over them and should conduct an intervention with them.

It only makes slightly less sense than expecting a person’s spouse to dictate to them how they should approach their job with regard to your issue.

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