what the hell is this?

This weblog originally began as a way to express some of my opinions, interpretations, views, and rants on thing related to Christianity.

From there, it quickly became a place for me to rant about—or even discuss intelligently—larger social issues, political happenings, current events, and sexual/relationship issues.

Then it also became a place for me to write the first draft of my first novel, releasing things a scene or two or three at a time.

And for a long time, I did all that anonymously, as Deacon Blue, without giving much away about who I was, where I lived, or what exactly I did with my time when I wasn’t blogging. I also added on some partners in crime, notably Miz Pink (who remains anonymous) and occasional contributions from my wife and fellow bloggers.

I think I can comfortably say that this blog is mostly a place to discuss social issues and spirituality, because that’s what much of my commentary boils down to. And it remains a place for me to explore my creative side, too, through fiction mostly, but also poetry and other forms of prose.

This site is divided into several categories of topics, as follows:

  • Getting creative – Fiction, poetry and other creative works inspired by my faith.
  • Worldly matters – News or current events about which I feel the need to comment.
  • Christian attitudes – This may be something negative, it may be positive, or it may be a mix, but a post in this category represents my observations about the way that many Christians…or certain subsets…view the world.
  • Non-Christian attitudes – Same as above, but from the other side of the fence, looking at how people who aren’t Christian…or are so ambivalent they might as well be non-Christian…view spiritual things (especially Christianity) and how I feel about it.
  • Setting the record straight – My attempt to correct what I believe to be a misunderstanding of some Christian precept, on the part of other Christians, non-Christians, or both.
  • Theories on the Word – Some of my musings on various precepts and teachings in the Bible and what I think they might mean. I don’t profess to know, and I am not trying to assume I can tell what God is thinking, but I do feel I can provide some avenues of discourse and potential understanding about complex or thorny topics.
  • How I see it – Whatever doesn’t seem to fit into the categories above.

Just who is Deacon Blue?

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7 thoughts on “what the hell is this?

  1. Deacon Blue

    Can’t fault bibomedia for posting a little smiley and getting a chance for folks to click through to his or her photography site. Lord knows that some of my comments in various blogs got me some traffic. But even ole foul-mouthed, semi-trash-talking Deacon Blue will have to stay away from the temptation of using any of your more risque photos here. …No matter how much they might boost interest in my posts. 😉


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