Cleansed By Fire


Quick links to installments/chapters of the novel


This page (and the many links below) is a portal to current and previous installments of my blog novel Cleansed By Fire, and to background information about events, places and items in the novel, as well as other useful information to understanding the world of my novel—Earth, Mars and the rest of the solar system on the eve of and shortly after the start of the year 4001.

This page and its subpages are a work in progress. Much will be changed and added as things progress. If a link below isn’t active, it means I haven’t gotten around to adding content yet.

Information on the races in the novel

Historical timeline

Major events and technological breakthroughs

Geography and government of the Catholic Union

Information on other nation/regions in the novel

How the Vatican and the Terran Catholic Church operate

Non-Vatican institutions  and organizations (religious and secular)

General notes about life in the year 4001

Living on Mars

Understanding artificial intelligences (AIs) and demi-intelligences (DIs)

A glossary of occupations, social roles, titles and other people-related terms  in the novel

A glossary of apparel, armor and personal high-tech accoutrements

A glossary of weapons and weapon-related technologies

A glossary of other miscellaneous terms, part 1 (tech-related)

A glossary of other miscellaneous terms, part 2 (NOT tech-related)

Notable characters in the novel


Quick links to installments/chapters of the novel


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