Cleansed By Fire – Installment/Chapter Links

(I plan to eventually make available PDF and Word files with chapters in their entirety [for those who don’t like the way they are broken into parts/installments in my blog postings].)

Chapter 1, Requiem for the Red Pope

Installment 1 (We meet Lyseena, a regional templar commander, and her three admin officers, and learn that the Red Pope has died days before the start of the fourth millennium)
Installment 2 (We meet Willem Staffordis, steward to Lyseena’s office, and discover that two of Lyseena’s key technical staff had been caught in the act of fornication, a serious crime in the Catholic Union)
Installment 3 (Lyseena has a meeting with intelligence operative Ather to dig into the suspicious timing of both the Red Pope’s death and the convenient loss of two of her most critical staff members. We also meet Peteris Gregory Dyson, co-head of the UFC, which is the Vatican’s chief religious rival institution)
Installment 4 (We continue with Peteris Dyson and discover he has granted asylum to Domina, who had been the second-in-command to the late Red Pope)
Installment 5 (The workday ends for Lyseena and her staff, and we discover that one of her admin offers, Maree, is secretly a traitor and spy. A spy who is very angry at her handlers for putting her in jeopardy earlier in the day)

Chapter 2, Women and Children

Installment 6 (We meet Daniel Coxe, a divorce attorney and articificial intelligence programmer who has just discovered that the Vatican’s primary AI, the Godhead, has fathered a virtual child in secret. We also meet Paulis Amaranth Dyson, wife of Gregory Dyson and co-head of the UFC, who is on the run after an assassination attempt by Vatican forces. Finally, Maree gets brutal payback by her Secular Genesis cell leader, Stavin, for her attempt to pull a power-play on her terrorist handlers, and is told to do her job or several of her family will be killed)
Installment 7 (Domina, now safely enjoying asylum from the UFC on Mars, shows us that she has an agenda of her own. Also, we meet the captain of the space vessel Scion’s Dream, who is soon to become a governor planetside and is standing over the corpse of a man he just killed in his quarters)
Installment 8 (Paulo, one of Lyseena’s admin officers, visits his aunt’s house, where his illegitimate wife and daughter are living, under the guise of being his cousin and demi-niece. Also, xenophobic terrorist Emil Standish, one of Stavin’s people, meets with the Sisters of the Red Sun, mercenary Ishmaeli twins, who have been contracted to deliver a mysterious item for Secular Genesis)
Installment 9 (Lyseena prays diligently before bedtime, and shows us that she fails to understand the core motivations of any of her three admin officers. At the same time, one of those admin officers, Kevan, is dreaming dreams that show his sadistic tendencies. As morning begins, Maree kills the terrorist watcher dispatched to make sure she goes to work, and embarks on a path of betrayal.)

Chapter 3, Narrow Paths and Wide Gates

Installment 10 (Paulo is picked up by a driver who turns out to be Maree in disguise; she reveals that she knows that his cousin is actually his lover and his demi-niece his daughter, and she blackmails him into betraying her to Lyseena and rounding up her family before Stavin can kill them all. Meanwhile, the captain of Scion’s Dream feigns ignorance over the disappearance of his ship’s councilor, whom he killed the night before, and we learn about a shadowy figure known as the Nazarene)
Installment 11 (Daniel makes arrangements with his cousin in Britannia to get him out of the Catholic Union. Ather begins his day, concerned only with carrying out the task Lyseena gave him the day before)
Installment 12 (Maree prepares for a life on the run, until she realizes that Paulo wasn’t able to save a few of her family members; realizing that Stavin has burned some of her loved ones alive, she decides to take vengeance on him and Secular Genesis. As the staff in Templar’s Tower deals with the discovery that Maree was a traitor, Ather reveals to Lyseena that the discovery and removal of the fornicating technical experts on her staff was a set-up by someone named Enn)
Installment 13 (Stavin berates Emil for having insulted the Sisters of the Red Sun during his mission, and punishes him by sending him back to them. Meanwhile, Adam, one of the two people on Lyseena’s staff who was caught in flagrante, simmers over his castration, which is only the beginning of his punishments. Finally, Stavin discusses his actions regarding Emil with another cell leader, Kylie, and we hear the first mention of a mysterious helper to the terrorists named Nemesis)
Installment 14 (Daniel begins the process of fleeing the Catholic Union. We meet Ghost, the primary AI used by the UFC, who is being tapped to help Gregory sort out Domina’s motivations and details around the Red Pope’s death. Also, Ather discovers, and reveals to Lyseena, that not only was Maree a traitor but that her father and grandfather were secretly terrorists as well)
Installment 15 (The Sisters of the Red Sun speculate about the package they are to deliver for Secular Genesis and muse about the silliness of humans. The captain of Scion’s Dream leaves the debriefing of a crewman who is being set up to take a fall. Lyseena cracks down in her office and sets tighter controls on her staff)
Installment 16 (Lyseena confronts Gyles, the man who is interim leader of the late Red Pope’s operations, having to defend herself against charges of incompetence. She turns the tables on him but also discovers that she may be a pawn of the Godhead in some bigger game)

Chapter 4, Requiem’s Eve

Installment 17 (Daniel waits for his cousin Harry to show up so they can plan his escape from the Catholic Union. Gregory learns that the Red Pope is connected to a former White Pope who was indirectly responsible for nearly wiping out the Muslim population of Earth, and that both popes shared the trait of having died mysteriously right before having their memories uploaded to the Godhead)
Installment 18 (Paulo examines a message from Enn, speaks with his aunt and arranges for Gina and Grace to meet him during the millennial celebrations. Maree take on a new identity and leaves two corpses in her wake. The Sisters of the Red Sun finally find a use for Emil.)
Installment 19 (Lyseena and her team make progress in rooting out one of Secular Genesis’ locations. Gregory meets with Domina again to obtain useful information about the death of Pope Tommis, and encounters multiple frustrations in the process.)
Installment 20 (Stavin and Nemesis converse about Maree and other risks. The Sisters of the Red Sun resolve their issues with Emil. Adam Devan’s life takes a turn for the worse.)
Installment 21 (Daniel make his move to leave the Catholic Union. Gregory returns to Domina’s room and confronts her, putting her on the defensive for once. Lyseena has an epiphany about the identity of one of Secular Genesis’ terrorists during an evening strategy meeting. Gregory gets ready to go to bed and finds a strange woman in his room who isn’t what she at first seems.)

Chapter 5, Blood and Tears

Installment 22 (Maree confronts her father, Tobin, to try to get a lead on Stavin’s location, and things take a turn she hadn’t expected. The templars board Tobin’s boat. Gregory catches Amaranth up quickly on the situtation with Domina, and catches some hell for it in the process.)
Installment 23 (The captain of Scion’s Dream get a surprise that really isn’t one. Maree encounters a complication with a group of templars. Gregory faces some of the religious leaders of the UFC as they question his judgment about Domina.)
Installment 24 (Daniel reaches Mars at last, and looks for some help. Lyseena, her admin officers and Ather discuss events at Alamo Gulf.)
Installment 25 (Domina regroups in the wake of Gregory’s bombshell the night before. Stavin mobilizes Secular Genesis to strike at the Vatican)
Installment 26 (Gina and Grace share a warm moment, and Gina makes an important decision about Paulo. Kevan is near the site of a terrorist attack and takes punitive action.)
Installment 27 (The Sisters of the Red Sun take part in some fellowship as they prepare to carry out Stavin’s contract. Ather returns to Nova York and prepares a prisoner for interrogation.)
Installment 28 (Amaranth checks in with Gregory and “drops a bomb on him.” Paulo and Lyseena recap the damage of the day for the Red Pope’s requiem. Stavin gloats.)
Installment 29 (We meet Bechan Adym, who seeks to escape the Vatican’s “quarantine” of Israel, and Rabbi Brifel Mann, who is aiding him. We also meet a man named Bohlliam, a survivor of the emophage infection, who is residing in the wasteland of the city we know today as Los Angeles.)
Installment 30 (We catch back up with Maree, coming off the aftereffects of her use of overhype, and receiving an unexpected message.)
Installment 31 (Domina toys with Gregory and Amaranth a bit more, and Amaranth surprises her husband with some news. Bechan tries to flee Jerusalem and Brifel has a short conversation with Israel’s primary AI. Lyseena recaps the day with her officers.)

Chapter 6, Nexus

Installment 32 (Daniel Coxe gets a better feel for Mars and prepares to meet Gregory and Amaranth. The Sisters of the Red Sun pay respects to their god before beginning their mission for Stavin.)
Installment 33 (Bechan gets through one trial only to face another. Daniel Coxe explains to Gregory and Amaranth about the Godhead’s virtual child)
Installment 34 (The Sisters of the Red Sun complete their contract with Stavin and decide how to proceed in dealing with him. Gregory brings a gift of sorts to Domina, as well as taunting her just a little. Domina alerts the Nazarene to recent developments and gets a surprising response. Lyseena receives a threatening message from Stavin.)
Installment 35 (Gregory and Amaranth have a quick rendevous. Secular Genesis’ grand attack against the Vatican takes place in Nova York)
Installment 36 (Gregory puts Ghost to work tracking the Godhead’s child, not knowing yet what has happened in Nova York. Paulo rushes to the aid of Gina and Grace, who are among those threatened by the attack. Kevan watches the destruction in anger. The Sisters of the Red Sun mark Stavin for greater punishment than they had originally planned.)
Installment 37 (Maree considers the wrongness of the attack on Nova York, and realizes who the perpetrator is. Gregory mulls over the horror of the hellpod attack.
Installment 38 (Dreamer, the AI of Scion’s Dream, considers the possible suspects for the attack, and the possible role of one of her fellow warwagons. Stavin has a virtual meeting with Nemesis that proves very revealing. Lyseena gets an unexpected visit, and a startling surprise along with it.)

Chapter 7, Out of the Ashes

Installment 39 (Stavin consults with his fellow cell leaders to discuss the Nemesis problem. Bohlliam struggles with weighty personal matters in Angel City)
Installment 40 (Lyseena and Gyles meet with the chief steward of the Black Pope. A representative of MarsGov brings unwelcome news to Gregory and Amaranth)
Installment 41 (An old family friend of Maree’s, Charlyes, pays an unpleasant visit to collect an old debt. Lyseena confronts Paulo about his rescue of Grace.)
Installment 42 (Lyseena confronts Ather regarding the Black Pope’s survival. Rabbi Brifel Mann gets ready to put Israel’s AI, Kotel, though some paces.)
Installment 43 (Captain D’Onofrio has a crewman arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Amaranth meets with Domina. The Vatican ambassador to Mars presents the official declaration of war against the UFC.)
Installment 44 (Daniel Coxe gets ready to have an evening out. Charlyes finds the man he’s looking for. Maree takes another step on her path of vengeance.)
Installment 45 (Daniel get back into his own element, but was it a good idea? Paulo visits Grace’s bedside.)
Installment 46 (Gregory and Amaranth bond. Lyseena welcomes a new admin officer to replace Maree.)

Chapter 8, Framed in Pain

Installment 47 (Ather brings in some help to examine the scene of Maree’s latest crime. From a distance, Maree observes Ather and Demus, with plans of her own in mind.)
Installment 48 (Gregory once again broaches the topic of Pope Kuang-Hsu with Domina. Bohlliam suddenly feels a new emotional strength, and has a strange encounter in the process.)
Installment 49 (Maree works to keep Ather and Lyseena off her trail. After being attacked in the casino, Daniel has a frank discussion about his future.)
Installment 50 (Charlyes and Tobin continue the search for Maree. The Sisters of the Red Sun deal with a betrayal.)
Installment 51 (Ghost shares the first-fruits of her investigation with Gregory and Amaranth, with chilling implications. Amaranth sets Ghost off on a special mission.)
Installment 52 (Maree becomes a bit less transportationally challenged and starts making better progress toward Nova York.)
Installment 53 (Paulo makes contact with Maree.)
Installment 54 (Bohlliam makes his way eastward, carrying pieces of Grace. Bechan Adym finally makes it to Europa.)
Installment 55 (Gregory and Amaranth confront Dreamer with their suspicions that she mothered the Godhead’s child. Dreamer wrestles with her own concerns. Stavin meet some unexpected individuals.)

Chapter 9, Reunions and Seekings

Installment 56 (Dreamer meets virtually with Bartelle.)
Installment 57 (The Sisters of the Red Sun have an illuminating discussion with Stavin and realize that they may have to share their vengeance)
Installment 58 (Paulo and Maree meet. Grace gets one step closer to returning to her body.)
Installment 59 (The Sisters of the Red Sun get a little closer to finding Maree. Grace makes her move. Paulo is reunited with his daughter.)
Installment 60 (Bechan meets with two members of the Voudoun)
Installment 61 (Gregory’s latest visit with Domina is cut short. Domina gets a message from the Nazarene. Amaranth and Ghost find out who the next Red Pope will be)
Installment 62
Installment 63



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