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Hey, I’m Racist Against Whites, Guys!

As most of you know by now, not only did the Boston Marathon get bombed in the past week, but the act was carried out by a pair (so far as we know right now) of white guys. Of course, many white folks are trying to claim these guys aren’t really white because they were born in Chechnya, which is that Russian part of Europe; and even though they have white skin and come from the Caucuses (the original “Caucasians”) growing up here doesn’t make them true whites (i.e. white Americans); plus being Eastern European they’re actually “ethnic” rather than “white” people; plus, to top it all off, they were raised Muslim, so that automatically removes them from the land of whiteness.

*cough* bullshit! *ahem*

So, seeing as these terrorists were white, and pretty much homegrown, and non-Christian, I realized something. And so I tweeted this:

Rather than point out how most terrorists in this country are white, Boston bombing/shooting will probably lead to more Muslim-hating :-(

One person who follows me…well, “followed” me, anyway…I blocked her when it was clear she was going to go on a continuing pointless rant against me like any good conservative white bigot…anyway, she made a sarcastic tweet in response to mine about how nice it would be if whites were hated even more than they already are in this country.

Because, of course, whites, who hold most of the wealth and power and don’t get profiled by police, are somehow one of most the most persecuted groups within the United States.

*cough* bullshit! *ahem*

When I probed her response a bit more, she informed me of the following, both by direct accusation and by implication:

  • I was clearly sad that whites aren’t hated more (because of the sad-face emoticon)
  • I’m clearly delusional because most terrorists in the U.S. aren’t white
  • I’m racist against white people

Regarding point number two, I’d argue that most domestic terrorists are white, since white supremacist groups, violent nationalists, eco-terrorists and the like are overwhemingly white and if they aren’t currently in the terrorist majority on U.S. soil on an individual basis, they far outnumber black and/or Muslim terrorists when combined. Some data from the 1980s to early 2000s seems to suggest Latino terrorists were the single biggest group, but I suspect that has more to do with crap along the U.S./Mexico border involving the drug wars. In any case, the biggest problem isn’t black and Arab people, and certainly not the Muslim ones. Also, I think a lot of racist organizations full of whites don’t get noticed as terrorists because their terrorism is more localized against nearby blacks, Jews, etc. and not against institutions or carried out in a dramatic fashion against many people at once.

But really, mostly what bugs me about my Twitter exchange with this woman was how my original tweet’s meaning was twisted into “proof” that I, a white guy, am racist against my own fellow whites and that I want people to hate them.


My tweet starts by wishing that what could have come out of the Boston bombing was a realization that, with most of the people in this nation being white, they account for most of the bad stuff, whether petty crimes, major crimes or terrorism. We have had many white terrorists in this country who somehow get conveniently forgotten when brown or tan ones pop onto the scene.

I would like people to stop seeing terrorism as belonging to one group (Arab Muslims) because the reality is that people of all colors commit acts of terror and to fail to recognize that is what allows us to demonize certain groups of people and leads to members of that group being subjected to discrimination and violence they don’t deserve and didn’t invite.

Pretending that whites don’t commit a hell of a lot of terrorism, here and abroad, is simply delusional. We are part of the problem. The biggest part of the problem in white-majority countries, in fact, and a potentially significant part of the problem elsewhere (though probably not the biggest threat outside of largely white areas). Just as Arabs and Muslims are a big part of the terrorist problem in Arab and Muslim parts of the world, and can be a significant threat elsewhere (though not generally the major threat when they go farther afield.)

Also, the second part of my tweet is a lament that what will happen, instead of white Americans realizing whites represent most of the bad guys in this country, is that Muslims will continue to be seen as the only real terrorists, because the brothers who carried out the Boston Marathon bombing were raised under Islamic beliefs.

Hence why my sad face follows the second statement. I am saddened that people will continue to point their fingers in one direction and target a lot of innocent people because of their religion, while letting a lot of guilty folks of non-Muslim backgrounds slip by.

I think that was pretty clear in my tweet. But again, it shows me how much jingoism, white privilege and fear rule many people in the United States. They get defensive when the truth is pointed out, and start accusing you of being an evil person for pointing out reality to them.

It’s ugly out there.

The Boston Marathon bombing was ugly. Too ugly.

But sometimes I fear the aftermath of American attitudes and perceptions of Muslims and who is “really” white will be even uglier.

Crazy Angry

I’m sure virtually all of you among my readers already know about the guy who crashed his little plane into a federal building because he was mad at the IRS, to which he owed a lot of money (and yet was able to afford owning a plane; go figure).

You’ve probably also heard the debates, quite cogent in fact, about how few people are calling this guy a terrorist, even though he would have been if he weren’t white.

But that’s not what bothers me at the moment.

What bothers me are things like this series of tweets (the tweets don’t bother me; its the problem they identify that concerns me) by BlackGirlInMaine, who notes:

Ok, I’m late to the party but there are actually folks who think Joe Stack is hero and a patriot? Man flew into a building…Seems like the cowards way out and then he took another life with him..a man who had done tours in Nam..sorry but Joe was not a hero…The thing is these folks who cheer and support this stuff walk along side of us..they look normal and you need to be concerned.

Or this comment by Thordaddy, whom I hate to even give space to after banning him, who at this post by Big Man at Raving Black Lunatic posted about the IRS-crazy plane-wielding white terrorist this little comment:

The difference between this disgruntled white guy and underwear bomber is that the former might actually increase your freedom while the latter has already decreased it AND HE DIDN’T EVEN SUCCEED in his martyrdom.

I always knew Thordaddy was crazy, but to even suggest that Joe Stack’s actions, murderous and anarchic though they were, might increase our freedoms by teaching the feds a lesson is beyond the pale.

I’m tired of people who scream that every brown- or tan-skinned man who straps on a bomb or flies a plane in anger is against our way of life and wants to kills us when he attacks a federal building or a bunch of innocents, but the citizen who’s angry at the government for something that’s his own fault is a hero.

You cannot have it both ways, people. The government today is almost exactly the same as the one we had under George W. Bush. If it was the innocent victim then, it still is now. If it’s a justifiable target in your eyes now, then it was then, and Dubya was as deserving of your ire as Obama.

Embrace terrorism or decry it. Don’t do both at the same damn time.

One Person’s Terror… by Miz Pink

I don’t have lust in my heart for Bob Cesca like I do for Jon Stewart but he still can make me a little weak in the knees.

This latest gem is perfect for showing what our real terrorism threat is in the U.S. of A. and it doesn’t seem to be Muslims:


But those on the crazy end of conservatism and religionism will simply say those anti-abortion folks aren’t terrorists but are doing God’s will. Which just goes to show how its all in the perspective and if we don’t understand who the whackos are in our own religions we are never gonna clue in on why whackos in other religions do what they do and feel completely justified.

And how everyone else in that religion cringes as a result and waits for the nasty backlash.

It’s all terrorism folks and we all need to get over such nonsense and stop suger coating it with religion.

Bend Over Traveler by Miz Pink

So, retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney of the U.S. Air Force says we oughtta strip search every Muslim dude between the ages of 18 and 28 who wants to get onto an airplane or off of one in the United States.



First off I think that someone needs to get the good general a subscription to NudeGayBlackMen.com or something because given that the last muslim who tried to do something on a plane looked like Joe-average Black guy to me, THAT’S who would get the latex glove up the butt treatment. I think the general just likes the idea of naked young dark skinned men a bit too much.

Second on the list of concerns: Just how do we determine who is Muslim, general?

Third the chances of being blown up on a plane by a terrorists are about as slim as winning the lotto so why the hell do we need to make this SUCH a big deal that we just blanket strip search thousands upon thousands of air travelers for no other reason than there religious beliefs?

Fourth how many people would be inspired to become terrorists as we treat everyone in their religion like animals?

Fail, general. Big fat fail.

Someone needs to fish something out of your butt it seems.