Cast of Characters

In this blog, you are likely to see people referred to by other than their real names, either because they are blog authors and thus I am using their blogging names, or because they are people in my real life whom I don’t want to name. Even though I’ve revealed my own identity here (as of September 2009), I don’t see any reason to be putting the names of all my family, friends and peers out there for you.

But if you’re confused, here are some people you’re likely to see mentioned from time to time:

(Page most recently updated on Sept. 11, 2009)

Real People

Deacon Blue (aka Deke, Deacon or Deac)

Um, that would be me. Of course. I’m a freelance writer/editor and a deacon who was, until recently, without a church home for some years (I still don’t do deacon work at this one, but that might change one day). But you’ve most likely already read about me here if you got this far. My real name is Jeff Bouley

Mrs. Blue

My wife, also a follower of Jesus and a part-time writer herself, but mostly she’s a former social service worker and now an organizational consultant, as well as a part-time executive director of a small non-profit agency. Together, we are the parents of two wonderful kids, a young man and a little girl. Only because it might shed some light on why so many African-American blogs grace my blogroll and why black issues may crop up around here at times, I will share that my wife is black and I am white. I have designated Mrs. Blue as the quality control person for this blog (Sadly, she doesn’t read my stuff in advance of me posting). So, if I post something and she gets a bad feeling that I’ve gone into territory I shouldn’t have, I will pull a post if there’s still time or address the problems she notes if the genie is already too far out of the bottle to delete the post.

  • Son of Blue – Eldest child of Deacon Blue and Mrs. Blue; as of September 2009, he was 17 years old.
  • Little Girl Blue – Youngest child of Deacon Blue and Mrs. Blue; as of September 2009, she was 4 years old.

Miz Pink (aka Inda Pink)

My less-prolific but still invaluable partner in crime around here, since I couldn’t convince Mrs. Blue to post regularly and I figured I needed a female opinion to balance me out from time to time. Her official blog name is Inda Pink (though she hasn’t officially launched her own blog yet), but ever since posting here for her first time, she’s mostly been Miz Pink. Miz Pink likes to write and express her opinions, but she doesn’t want you to know what she does for a living because she’s more protective of her identity than I am of mine. I can tell you that she’s a mother of three. (For  little about Miz Pink in her own words, go here.)

Sir Pink

Miz Pink’s loving husband (her second), and like Miz Pink, a Christian. But he doesn’t swear like I do, something about which Miz Pink often likes to remind me. I can’t share his occupation or location, either (obviously), but I will note that he heads up a small band that covers southern rock and ’80s rock and does contemporary Christian music as well. As such, he is cooler than me as well as being more chivalrous.

  • Mini Pink Model 1 – Oldest kid of the Pinks, and he is in early/mid adolescence as of September 2009.
  • Mini Pink Model 2 – Middle child of the Pinks, and she is a preschooler as of September 2009.
  • Mini Pink Model 3 – Youngest child, a girl who was born on October 25, 2008.

Mrs. Eager

A mutual friend of my wife’s and mine who is mired a bit in the very antiquated and sometimes illogical views that pervade much of fundamentalist Christianity. Mr. Eager might get mentioned in passing, but mostly when we all get together, he and I drink beers and make sure the food he’s cooking doesn’t burn and let the wives talk about whatever it is they don’t want us in on conversationally—so he’s not as good for new material as Mrs. Eager is. (Not sure if you’ll see much of them anymore in posts here; as of 2009, we’ve pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that when we’re together, we don’t have much to talk about except religion, and they’re a tad too conservative on some issues for our tastes…like “weeping for the poor child” being raised by the responsible and devoted gay couple we’re actual full-fledged friends with.)

Big Man

A fellow blogger (one of my four or five favorite ones, actually) and fellow journalist as well, who is author of Raving Black Lunatic. Also a guest poster here on my blog.

Field (aka Field Negro)

Another of my favorite bloggers, and author of the blog The Field Negro, as well as a Philadelphia attorney (a public servant, though I’m not sure if he’s in the family court system, a public defender, or something else).


Yet another of my favorite bloggers, even though he’s snarkier than hell and an athiest. He is a former TV news producer and author of Deus Ex Malcontent.


Really only notable for the fact I “brawled” with him once at Field’s blog and tried to get him to come here and back up his bluster in this post…but sadly, after suggesting I was too much of a punk to debate with him when I tried to end our argument on a civil note, he never showed up to continue (much less resolve) our fight. He still posts at The Field Negro but I don’t tussle with him much anymore, partly because it isn’t worth it but mostly because he’s acting much more mature these days.

Imaginary People

The following characters appear (or are mentioned) from time to time in the blog but are not actual people in real life.

Hummus Idol

An ancient being of great knowledge, mystical power and irreverent snarkiness, as well as a nutritious and tasty side dish for any meal. On a more or less monthly basis, sometimes more often, the Hummus Idol answers questions that are almost always just as imaginary as he is, often posed by people who are equally imaginary. Under no circumstances should the opinions of Hummus Idol be assumed to be those of Deacon Blue, even though they usually are.

Sister Mary Malcontent

With an…unorthodox…habit made of latex that has probably seen more (and weirder) stains than the dress of a White House intern during the Clinton presidency, and wielding a whip instead of a ruler, this is one nun who will ensure that you confess your sins. And if you don’t have any worth confessing, she’ll make sure you commit some.

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