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Posted: 17th February 2012 by Jeff Bouley / Deacon Blue in Announcements / General

So, here’s a chance for you to directly influence or inspire me here.

I have a list of half-formed (and sometimes less than that) ideas that have spawned many short stories here, as well as some specific scenes or recurring themes in the saga of “The Gathering Storm.” Many of these notes and ideas I’ve jotted down involve random thoughts about what would change in daily life if super-powered people had begun appearing noticeably in the population back in the 1970s and were increasing in number.

How might people approach life differently? What institutions might change their approach or what new institutions would emerge? How would entertainment change? How would heroes/villains do things we take for granted? And so on. Obviously, my ideas are more focused and specific than that, but those are general areas within which my ideas bounce. For example, the idea of the Caped Cuisiner restaurant and others like it came out of my thought: “Where would a costumed transhuman eat and be comfortable?” That led to other things, like the notion that villains might pay people to dress like them so that police wouldn’t be as quick to harass the real bad-guy and so they, too, could eat in peace.

I still add to that list as something occurs to me, and there are many ideas there I haven’t tapped yet, but here’s your chance to add to that list yourself.

If you have a burning question related to “how would superheroes and supervillains…” or anything else along similar lines, or if you have the nugget of a plot or theme for a story you’d like to see done here…well, post them in the comments area for this post. At my erotic fiction blogs, some of my best and longest running series (as well as some of my best one-off stories) have come from a one-paragraph plot snippet/idea submitted to me from someone else.

Nothing is too stupid to suggest. Or too crazy. Or even too extreme. Let’s see what you’ve got (if you’re willing to share).

  1. mimgodfather says:

    Are there special doctors that transhumans go to? I can only assume that the typical doctor isn’t prepared to handle most issues that transhumans might have.

  2. Deacon Blue says:

    Mostly, physiology would be the same and many people with transhuman powers wouldn’t know it or have them at very modest levels, but you have sparked some ideas.

    – What if a teen or young adult went to the doctor thinking they had a disease, but it was a manifestation of emerging powers? Also, what if those powers fully and dramatically emerged in the doctor’s office?

    – Also, even though I’ve covered the notion of emergency care for some transumans (most notably in the story at ), might there be a reason for a costumed transhuman to go to a doctor or hospital for something more routine or less critical, and what challenges might that entail?

    – What if a transhuman Primal, Psi or Interfacer was giving birth, and reflexively projecting pain on the birthing staff and others in the maternity ward or birthing center?

    – What if some routine genetic testing revealed to someone that they were a transhuman, and then that information got out to employers or insurer and caused them hassles in life?

    – Might people dating or considering marriage require that their paramour undergo genetic testing for fear they may have active transhuman genes? What might happen in the relationship if the other person came back positive? What if the person demanding their lover get testing found out that person wasn’t positive, but he/she was instead?