Easier to Navigate

Posted: 7th March 2012 by Jeff Bouley / Deacon Blue in Announcements / General

As I continue to write new Tales of the Whethermen stories, it becomes increasingly hard to remember how everything fits together, and increases the chances that I will write something that is totally out of sequence with everything else, thus messing up continuity.

So, I went through the effort over the past few days to sort out all the short stories and the chapters thus far of “The Gathering Storm” to figure out what happened when.

The result is a chronological list that I will update as I add new stories and new chapters. If ever you wanted to have a better sense of how things fit together…or if you’re new to visiting here and aren’t sure where to start, I hope this helps.

Of course, it didn’t stop there. I realized I should probably have a thematic page too (which doesn’t have all the stories and features no chapters from “The Gathering Storm”).

So, I reorganize the story list menu at the top of the blog so that it is now a portal page and there are drop-down menus for the various new menus, along with a new drop-down menu to represent what was originally on that Stories & Series List page (that new drop-down is called “All Stories” because it’s a list of all of the tales…just not terribly organized).

You’d thing I’d be done, then, right?


You don’t know me well enough. One of the things I spent a shit-ton of time doing at my main erotica blog was to organize my stories by separate worlds so that I knew which ones were in the same setting/universe and so that readers could find things they liked better instead of flailing around. Yes, I’m not a type-A about much, but when it comes to organizing my stories…

So, I didn’t stop with a new menu portal for stories and three new menus for finding them…I also created an alphabetical listing of stories.

I think I’m done for now, but I’m sure I can find another menu or two at some point to add along with the others.