Picture Pluperfect

Posted: 5th June 2012 by Jeff Bouley / Deacon Blue in Announcements / General

So, just before I actually posted the latest chapter of The Gathering Storm, I managed to pretty much finish another ongoing project: The quest to illustrate pretty much all of my stories (with the exception of my thus-far-only X-rated Whethermen story; not sure if I’m going to pepper that or future racy stories with images or not).

So, now if you decide to catch up on material you haven’t read yet…or re-read some of the older stuff…you will find graphics, photos, etc. of some sorts in all of them. Not all the images capture the scenes precisely or illustrate most of the heroes and villains the way I see them in my head, but you know what? That doesn’t matter. It still looks nice, I think.

Why don’t you go through the old stuff by accessing one of my handy-dandy story menus like the chronological list or the alphabetical list and tell me what you think. Or just give yourself some distraction from your daily grind with some images that aren’t on Pinterest or Tumblr or Maxim (depending on your tastes).

Also, if you go back and read all the stories, by the time you get back I might have several new things up. Or one new thing at least, depending on how much real-life deadlines intrude.