Image Is Everything (Awful)

Posted: 12th October 2013 by Jeff Bouley / Deacon Blue in Announcements / General

The vast majority of the images I have been using on this blog are now removed, after I got a very evil letter from a very large company telling me I was in violation of using an image (at another blog of mine, for a five-year-old post hardly anyone even viewed) and demanding a ridiculously large settlement amount.

Granted, this blog, Tales of the Whethermen, was always more about the words (the fiction) than the eye candy (images), so it’s no big deal in the end. But it is unfortunate that in these greedy and litigious times, small bloggers have their feet put to the fire for innocent infractions…also, it’s a pain in my butt now that I have to go through every post and remove the links to the non-existent images so I don’t have all these weird blocks of white space with red text labels.

Oh, well.

Oh, and a new chapter of “The Gathering Storm” will be along within a few days.