Stories & Series Lists

By Jeff Bouley / Deacon Blue

I have stories listed in various ways for your convenience.

Complete Story List (by type)

At this page, you can find a comprehensive list of the stories written for Tales of the Whethermen, grouped by whether they are part of a multi-part series, stand-alone (one-off) stories or erotica
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The Gathering Storm

At this page, you can find a list of the chapters written thus far in the multi-part, novel-length story “The Gathering Storm,” along with chapter summaries and links to individual chapters.
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Chronological Story List

Like the “Complete Story List” page above, this page is a comprehensive list of stories, but rather than being listed pretty much in the order in which I wrote the stories, they are listed in order of when they occur in the world of the Whethermen. Thus, if you are a new visitor to the site and want to have a more orderly sense of everything that occurs, this might be the page for you. Or, if you’re a longtime visitor and need a better sense of how things interconnect, you might also enjoy this.
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Thematic List

You won’t find all the Tales of the Whethermen stories here, but you can find some them in some convenient groupings, if they lend themselves to certain themes (including recurring characters in one-off stories).
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Alphabetical List

If you know the story’s name, and want to be able to find it easier without having to use the blog’s search function, this is the place. Just like a library, listed all in alphabetical order. (OK, I may be violating one or two rules of librarians…) Another benefit of this list is that I give a general sense with each story of how “serious” it is or isn’t, in case you want to search for a certain “tone” of story. (There is also a link at the top of this page to an alphabetical list with story descriptions)
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