Speaking for the Defense…

I know sometimes it must seem like this blog is for one of two purposes: To show off my daughter’s creativity and to complain about the ways in which she drives me crazy at times.

Rest assured, she isn’t always driving me up a wall; I love being a daddy. But let’s face it: Blogging about her good behavior is rarely going to be as entertaining as sharing the missteps.

But, in the interests of fairness, let me say that sometimes, it’s good being the daddy when you have a little girl. Since shortly before turning eight and now just several weeks after the fact, the little goddess has taken to defending my honor almost every time her mommy takes me to task for something or says anything even mildly uncomplimentary about me.

It’s very sweet. It also makes me feel a bit bad for my wife at times, because it used to be estrogen central around here and daddy got piled on, and now she’s temporarily lost an ally in keeping the balance of power in the female camp.

Still, puberty isn’t that far away and before then (hopefully before then) the tween years with their own challenges, and those will probably be years in which I’m going to lose a lot of the affectionate support and legal defense skills of my little girl.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy having a tiny protector for a little while…

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