Gone Again by Miz Pink


Last Sunday, church is packed to the gills (of course) for Easter. I s’pose if we’d gotten there 20 or 30 minutes early we MIGHT have gotten decent seats. And not had to park way down the block in the public ┬álibrary’s lot.

This past Sunday, the fam and I could toss our coats and sweaters at both ends of the pew and still have plenty of room for all of us to cross our legs if we wanted.

I don’t get it.

It aint like I think people have to go to church every week. I sure don’t. I miss at least one week each month, sometimes two. If there’s a lot of stuff going on, even three Sundays every once in a while.

It’s not even like I think people oughta go every dang month. Heck everyone’s different.

But I don’t understand people who show up on Christmas and Easter and never any other time. I mean 2 Sundays out of 52? Why bother? Church is a few minute’s walk or drive from your house and you can’t be bothered to do a little worship and getting some biblical education and some Christian fellowship more often than twice a year?

Yeah that’s showing God and Jesus some love. If you don’t like church that’s fine. Don’t go. But don’t show up twice a year because you think God will send you to hell for missing those two days too. Do good. Read your bible. Get some religion from somewhere whetehr books or radio or TV.

But dontcha all come out in your Sunday best twice a year just to crowd a place you clearly don’t care to be.

Cuz it just makes me want to skip Easter and Christmas to avoid y’all.

2 thoughts on “Gone Again by Miz Pink

  1. robyn

    we call them “teacup jews” in my synagogue: they only pray when they get in hot water!

    back in brooklyn we USED them. for the high holy day services you have to buy tickets or be a member of the congregation or the union of reform hebrew congregations otherwise you’re relegated to the cheap seats in the balcony.
    high holy day tickets cost $50 to $300 depending on the temple and seating alteratives.
    it helps pay the electric the rest of the year.

    btw, the yizkor [mourners] service ANYONE is admitted to, no ticket required.

    i actually selected my temples in NYC, PA and FL based on how well-dressed the congregants were. if persons in jeans got as warm a welcome as the ones in tennis bracelets, if the crying babies got sympathy instead of the parents being glared at, i wanted to be there. because its what’s going on inside that matters, not the trappings.

    as for me, if i’m not talking to god 50 times a day, in synagogue or out, i’m not talking to the Holy One once.

  2. Deacon Blue

    LOL, Robyn, about the charging of admission.

    Mrs. Blue and I were joking after Easter service that they ones who clearly didn’t intend regularly better be putting in some serious offerings in the collection plate… ­čśë


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