The Many Faces of Deacon Blue

I keep meaning to post a pointless and meaningless post with a pictorial history of my facial hair from college until now. Until I scan a few older photos, though, you’ll have to make do with a pointless and meaningless post of me “cartoonizing” myself. Simply because this is my blog and I can.

First, a few reference shots of me in recent years:




Damn! What a handsome devil, right? *ahem* *fidget* OK! I could use some work! Especially in the belly area, which I’m judiciously not showing you right now. So, what better way to work on oneself than to simply ditch reality altogether?

Me as a “Walking Dead”-style zombie…


Me as a Na’vi from the sci-fi film “Avatar”…


Me as a cartoon (first attempt)…


Me as a cartoon (second attempt)…


Me as a cartoon (third attempt)…


Me as a “South Park” character…


And no, none of these images have anything to do with any graphic arts skills on my part. All thanks to apps online.

So, what’s my best look? 😉

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