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In addition to the fine fare (or insane ramblings) of myself and occasionally¬†Miz Pink, I have been blessed with some guest posters too. Since they aren’t offically authors and don’t have easy links in the sidebar of this blog like me and Miz Pink, here’s a handy reference guide to finding their posts (since otherwise, you have to use the search function or sift through my posts to find them):

Big Man

(author of the blog Raving Black Lunatic)

Tying the Same-Sex Knot

Pro-life, Pro-Choice…Pro Sport

Mrs. Blue

(loving and [mostly] patient wife of Deacon Blue)

Cry for the Little Children?

Faith Gone Bad

Christians Are Scaring Me

Get Those Wallets Out

Pastors Ain’t Special

If you have something you’re itching to say about religion, and you don’t want to say it on your own blog (or if you don’t have your own blog), feel free to contact me at and we’ll see what we can work out in terms of posting it here. My biggest concern is that it touches on Christianity somehow, is not in any way insane or against the Word of God, and is interesting and/or thought-provoking. It doesn’t necessarily have to mesh completely with my views. (Or, you could also just pitch your idea to me in the comment section below, since I check blog comments more often than my Deacon Blue e-mail address.)

3 thoughts on “Guest Posts

  1. Chris

    It’s not so much a desire to be a guest poster, as that I would love to see some discussion on the compilation of scripture- why the Catholic bible differs from the one I read, the additional verses in King james that were left out of later translations, and the whole concept that the Bible we have is God’s complete word… nothing was left out, and nothing included in error. I’m thinking this is not your view, but it is surely thought provoking? I am willing, and will post some of this on my own blog, which is new, untrafficed, and is not a strictly theological forum. Discussion there will be nonexistent.

  2. lady soulshine

    ok ya’ll i need your help
    In response to CNN’s Black In America segment & Ms. NAYABA ARINDE -CNN’s ‘Black in America’ keeping the uninformed uninformed, Amsterdam News Editor challenge.
    I too saw the CNN show and was deeply disturbed. I agree with Ms. NAYABA ARINDE. The community has to begin to take on representing ourselves within this arena.

    It is On Portland!
    This is an open call:
    The Mama Africa Show in Portland Maine is actively seeking African Americans to begin to share their experiences about being “Black” and living in Maine, live on the air. In fact, it does not matter where you live. If you have an experience to share, tell us about it. If you want to be interviewed on the show, or know of anybody who does, contact me at or at
    It’s on ya’ll , are you ready?

    Spread the Word! One love, peace
    Lady SoulShine, The Mama Africa show
    WMPG 90.9/104.1 12- 12 est Sundays
    listen live
    on air call in# 207.780-4909


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