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Yes…Another Blog

For various and sundry reasons, many of them involving my wife’s urgings and the notion that I might be able to capitalize on the growing daddy-blogging phenomenon, I have a new blog (but it won’t be replacing this one; I’m not dropping any existing blogs any time soon). My wife was too late to get in on the ground floor of the mommy blogging thing (though she’s still managed to get named to the top-100 mom blog list at in both of the past two years), and we’re hoping that aside from giving me another outlet to teach (and learn) online, maybe that will be the blog that starts generating at least some small amount of income one day around this house.

So, with two blogs already under my Deacon Blue persona, this one and Tales of the Whethermen, I now add a third, which will both seriously and irreverently tackle the ups and downs of being a parent to my very headstrong and too-smart-for-my-own-good daughter, and which is called Raising the Goddess. And that’s on top of the blog I have to maintain for my primary journalism job, and the two-and-half sex-oriented blogs I keep separate from the Deacon Blue persona and my actual identity as Jeff Bouley…editor, writer, husband, father, adventurer, scholar, humanitarian…uhhh…sorry, got carried away there.

Please visitĀ Raising the Goddess often. It won’t be some saccharine parenting blog, though it also won’t be quite as sharp-tongued or foul-mouthed as I sometimes get around here (though I did swear several times in the first post over there). It’s very much in the same spirit and tone as Holy Sh!+ from Deacon Blue, just with way more daddy issues and a lot more of Little Girl Blue.

Online Recognition

I have no idea what the “Versatile Blogger Award” is, really. Did a Google search and what I pull up is a lot of blogs that have received the award. Wherever it originated from is apparently far down the hits from my search results.

Which, of course, makes me dubious about the overall value of the award in terms of being a true recognition of anyone’s quality.


I got this award because Satan Goes to Sing-Sing asked her follow tweeps on Twitter if anyone wanted an award. I said, “Sure, why not?” and she decided that I was an entertaining enough blogger to make the cut of the five people she was to give out the award to.

And that, my friends, is the value. The award itself means shit-all to me. But the fact that another blogger and entertaining denizen of the Twitterverse finds me worth reading…that’s the thing that keeps me writing online.

So, you can see what “Satan” (really, she’s not a bad person…she’s just drawn that way…oh, that’s Jessica Rabbit…still, she’s cool) had to say about me and four other bloggers here. If you don’t mind references to porn, furry sex (and other kinky stuff), some swearing and other things along with just general wit, observations and talk about the art of writing and getting through life (and if such things DO bother you, why are you here at my blog?) check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Oh, and here’s my award…it takes up way less room than the plaques I used to get back when I was in elementary school, high school and college.

Authentically Me

Mrs. Blue and I have had a number of conversations lately during which we’ve talked about the “authenticity” of blogs these days. Particularly in the part of the blogosphere she frequents, she’s seen some bloggers really take off, getting book deals, ads galore and/or sponsorships that have allowed them a pretty decent income. In some cases, the bloggers have been able to make blogging their actual main source of income.

In the process, though, she’s noticed that some of them have pulled back and changed. They’ve become less open and less authentic. Instead of sharing the bits of themselves that first drew people in to read their posts, they are now in some cases just posting bland, short posts and shilling for products provided to them by sponsors. They have, it seems, in many cases quite literally sold out.

I understand that often we make compromises to make a living. But at the same time, it distresses me that we are sometimes willing to give up who we are and what we stand for to get ahead in life.

I have to say that I’m not down with that. For example (and this may seem petty or vain), if I were told that I could get a job I’d interviewed for, but to do so I’d have to be clean-shaven, I’d say “no, thanks” unless my family’s survival depending on that job. Why? Because facial hair is a part of who I am. It’s important to me, and I won’t have someone dictate that I have to change for them when it has no bearing on my performance or ability to do the tasks I’d be assigned.

Now, I’m not in much danger of exploding onto the larger blog scene with this blog. I don’t think sponsorships, book deals or big-time companies buying ads here is something I’ll have to deal with (though, please, by all means, come forward and make some offers if you’re reading this). But I do think about myself in relation to this blog and where I might take it. Also, how it might affect my life.

Those who’ve been with me a while may remember there was a time my real name wasn’t attached to this blog at all. Those who follow me elsewhere online would have no problem figuring out who my wife is and what her blog is, even though I continue to call her Mrs. Blue here. (As for “why” I still do that, and call my daughter and stepson Little Girl Blue and Son of Blue…well, it’s part of the theme and the vibe here, so I keep it.)

Mrs. Blue, I should mention, has taken her own blog to self-hosting, and is looking for ways to modestly monetize it. I’ve taken one of my anonymous erotic blogs to self-hosting and the others may follow soon, for much the same reason. At some point, I’m sure this blog will become a self-hosted one, too.

And so I think about who I am, and who I should be here.

In the end, I think I should be me. Continue to be myself, and perhaps even loosen up a little more at times and let more of myself show.

That’s not as easy as it might sound. This blog has evolved and will continue to do so. It started as a place to talks about my spiritual journey, my thoughts on the Bible and how those relate to things in general life, like relationships, politics and sex. Then I found myself getting silly at times or sharing recommendations related to media and pop culture. I started commenting on politics without any spirituality involved. I started sometimes to simply talk about my life. I don’t know exactly what shape it will take in the end, but it’s a moving target.

At one point, I made the decision to sort of tone down my language and such. This blog used to be called “Holy Shit from Deacon Blue” as opposed to “Holy Sh!+ from Deacon Blue.” That change happened when I decided to not be so “blue'” in my language.

Well, fuck it!

I swear. It’s part of who I am, and I can’t think of a single reason God or Jesus would give two shits whether I pepper my wisdom and/or ramblings with some swear words. I won’t use profanity as a crutch, but I will express myself as the situation dictates and according to what feels right personally or necessary to convey a point properly.

Will I change the name back? Probably not. The “Sh!+” thing is kind of cool, I think, and it evokes a little the #&@!* kind of thing you see in cartoons sometimes to stand in for profanity.

But I will be who I am. This is scary at times, mind you. Remember, my resume is up on this site. My name. I am followed on Twitter by people who have given me work in the past and might (or might not) recommend me to other people who might have work for me. It’s also not much of a jump from here to my LinkedIn account (or vice-versa). Will being who I am affect my ability to get work? Has it already?

I can’t know for certain, but I also can’t let that be my guiding light for this blog. If I do that, I might as well just stop blogging.

Sharing my views can be unnerving. My post yesterday was visceral and expressed a view that many of my left-leaning friends might not appreciate. But you know what, if they are my friends, whether of the electronic/virtual or the real-life/real-time variety, they will value my differences and quirks as I do theirs.

At times, this blog suffers from serious droughts, and I don’t know ultimately what shape it will take. But spirituality, politics, social issues and snark will always be part of the mix. I hope I can keep you along for the entire ride, and if I should become famous, I hope I never sell out my authentic self for the one that attracts easier money and fame.

An Open Letter to Potential Alien Invaders

Dear Extraterrestrial Denizen of Technologically Advanced Capabilities:

Motion pictures throughout my life (some 43 orbits now around our star, Sol) have taught me that when you pass through our solar system, there is a good chance you will stop off at Earth (also known as Terra and situated as the third planet out from Sol) and attempt to destroy us. Or at least conquer us. Or perhaps leave after taking many of our natural resources.

I don’t fault you for this on a philosophical basis, of course, as I live inĀ  a nation that promotes wealth creation and consolidation by the few most powerful in our society. So, I understand subjugation and the quest to take from others for self-focused reasons.

All the same, I thought I should inform you of certain facts of which you might not be aware before you take the step of sending robotic troops, or covering our planet in nanotech machines that reshape it, or perhaps invading our bodies and taking them as your own:

Weather…or Not

The climate really leaves something to be desired these days. We’ve done so many things to change the course of rivers and the carbon levels in the air, just to name two, that it’s really hard to predict when we’re going to get nice days anymore. Plus, it’s increased the chances for various natural disasters. So, there really aren’t a lot of places left that are predictably and consistently nice. I suppose I won’t begrudge you taking over those few spots if you refrain from disintegrating or enslaving those of us in other locales.

Ergonomics…No Go

Look, our furniture isn’t going to fit you right, and none of our shit is going to be at all ergonomic for you. Oh, I’m sure you packed plenty of crap in those starships but certainly not enough to furnish an entire planet. Since our existing architectures and accouterments aren’t likely to work for you, maybe you should go someplace else. I hear that the fourth planet in the Rigel XII system is based on nothing but bean bag-style furnishing, which should meet the needs of any conquering race as long as it doesn’t have a spiky body. If you are spiky, you could consider settling into the various punk or Goth scenes, as you will fit in well with all the piercings and occasional mohawks.

Don’t Go There…At Least Not Without Plenty of Lube

Look, those gray-skinned, big-headed, wide-eyed, long-armed extraterrestrials who’ve been buzzing our planet for decades now are not to be trusted. They are trying to pull a practical joke on you. Our anuses are not nearly as fun to probe as you’ve likely been led to believe.

Resources…We Ain’t Got ‘Em

We’ve used up all our fossil fuels just about. It’s likely you aren’t in need of those if you’re traveling interstellar distances, but maybe you get high off petroleum. I don’t know. But we’re running way low, so don’t bother. Also, as far as radioactive material, we’ve used so much of it for nuclear missiles and reactors over the years…not to mention a whole buttload of glow-in-the-dark crap…that I doubt we can supply enough to meet more than a few years of your need. Find a somewhat less developed planet. Oh, water? Ha! You need water? We’ve polluted so much of ours that you’re shit out of luck. We’ve even done a good job of fouling the oceans that cover most of our planet. And if you’re thinking of just grabbing what little clean water remains and going, that’s not gonna work well, now is it? You know how heavy that stuff gets. You’ll never make it out of our gravity well, and then you’ll crash and be stuck here on beaches with a bunch of fat-assed humans in too-small swimming suits on beaches that are a whole lot bigger and less interesting thanks to you trying to make off with the H20.

To Serve Man…With a Side of Mashed Grutilsnark

Finally, maybe you want to come here to eat us. Think again. Look, many of us are in famine-starved areas and thus really tough and stringy. In more developed nations, there are plenty of fattened-up humans, but you should see the things they put in their bodies. Most of us well-fed ones must be pretty toxic. If you’d seen some of the places most of us have been, you’d never want to put us in your mouth…or maw…or suck us through you proboscis or whatever. However, I am told that there is a large group of really juicy humans if you want a treat before you leave. They’re called politicians and lobbyists and most of them can be found in Washington, D.C. Trust me.

Fiction for Free

Just a heads up that I finally got back to posting some fiction at my “Tales of the Whethermen” blog.

Chapter 14 of The Gathering Storm, in fact, which brings us some time with Cole as he trains up to be a hero, Mad Dash and Ladykiller continuing to hang out, and some insight on the difficulties of policing transhumans through an interaction between a DA and a detective.

You can read it here.

If you haven’t been reading the storyline so far (and if not, why not? Get my fiction while it’s still free), you might want to start reading from chapter 1, of course (or wherever you might have left off). Full list of chapter links here.

Changes a’coming…

As I hinted before, things might change a bit around here. Probably nothing drastic.

However, some initial changes are in order, first among them to update the “About this Blog” and “About Me” stuff, since my spiritual journey has undergone some significant changes since I started this blog. My core faith in God and Jesus and belief in the Holy Spirit remain, but much else has changed, and so I need to reflect those changes in those places (as well as perhaps in some upcoming posts).

Where’s the Deacon?

I have just been too busy, and some of my time has been occupied by stuff I literally cannot tell you about.

Suffice to say that I’ve been busy. I see some folks have commented recently, and I usually respond to comments, so my apologies to anyone who’s been ignored. Frankly, I’m not sure what the future is of this blog or what direction it will take, though I am highly unlikely to simply scrap it.

But, believe it or not, in addition to this blog, my Tales of the Whethermen blog, a blog for my job, and two erotica blogs under my other online identity…I’ve just created a third blog for that alternate identity. Yeah, I know how to punish myself and spread myself thin.

Didn’t help that thanks to 5-year-old (almost 6 now) Little Girl Blue, I lost probably two months of productivity trying to advance her character through the online game Wizard 101

I’ll sort it all out soon enough, though, and get this blog back on something more like a regular schedule…though who knows what form it will take.

Vacation Over?

Before I know it, a month has passed with no new posts.

Not sure what that means. But I suppose if I don’t start posting soon, y’all might not continue to visit.

And if I can’t get the inspiration to post here anymore, I may have to rethink whether this particular blog has run its course.

Stay tuned. We’ll all probably know soon…

Trying to Get My Bitchy On Again

It remains quiet around here as I continue to juggle too many balls. But I have some beef with both the atheist/anti-Christian camps and with the holy roller set as well, so there may be some raucous shenanigans here soon. (We can only hope…or maybe you can…because I’ll probably regret it if I get into any long-winded arguments online here)