The Prodigal Father

Yeah, so I see that my last post was in September. I know, I know, but I have a good excuse. You see, that was still pretty early in the school year, and I’ve been a bit distracted lately, having spent the last few months of 2013 realizing I was going to be moving up to chief editor at the magazine I work at (no longer the right-hand man but THE Man). And then there are other typical life pressures (bills, marriage, money, bills, car accident, home repairs, money, bills…) and, well…you see…I forgot to pick up my daughter from school one day in September and she kind of went a little feral and started skulking the halls for weeks in Phantom of the Opera fashion. A real mess. Naturally, the school wanted a parent to clean things up (what are my taxes paying for again?), so I’ve been awfully busy trying to track down the little goddess, find her lair in the catacombs underneath the school, and convince her to come back home instead of raiding the cafeteria’s supply of popcorn chicken nuggets, French toast sticks and turkey and gravy.

But I’m back now…I think…and maybe that means I’ll post some more about the wee darling deity-girl.