Not Dead Yet by Miz Pink

Figured I’d a’better post before people start wondering if I went and abandoned ole Deke around here on this blog.

So…no…my husband didn’t snap like so many seem to be doing these days, offing themselves but taking great care to kill their families too. Geez! When did the economy get so bad and we became such woosies that we not only have breakdowns and consider suicide, but decide that we have to protect our loved ones from the economic meltdown by murdering them.

Sick world. Dang. But I guess Deke already mentioned the “sick world” thing this week.

Anyway, just a couple random thoughts there. I’ll be back soon I promise. Just busy.

I mean, you’d think I had two kids walking around getting into stuff and basically trying my last nerve while a third was constantly either camped out on my breast or making me change nasty diapers.

That’s an area Sir Pink could definitely work on. Deke changed lots of diapers for HIS wife. I hear he changed almost ALL the poopy ones. Maybe I can send Sir Pink to him for training.

Anyway, crazy days all around.

Don’t mind that gun behind my back. Just trying to stay safe. Never know when Sir Pink might snap and make me have to use self-defense…or change one too few diapers and make me have to pistol whip him

* I kid, I kid… *

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