Supporting My Fellow Blogger

I know there have been several times I’ve used a post to point people in the direction of Raving Black Lunatic or Deus Ex Malcontent.

Today, I’d like to direct you to this post at BlackGirlInMaine’s blog.

She’s looking to do a regular feature for a while wherein people who are in the middle class, or were…or think they are…and feel they have slipped or are slipping somewhat out of that socioeconomic strata to submit their thoughts on the topic. Their own positions, what they fear, how they are dealing with it, how they define themselves, etc.

Anyway, read her post and some of the comments to it and you’ll get the jist. BGIM’s contact info is also in the post.

As a favor to me in support of a fellow blogger, pitch in if you can with a small treatise or two in her e-mail box to feed the series.

Thank you. That is all. :-)

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