I Am Deacon, I Am Shorn

A completely useless post, unless you’ve inadvertently swallowed poison and need a visual emetic (three photos of me) to help bring the toxins back up out of your stomach.

I used to wear a goatee (OK, technically, a Van Dyke, since I have a mustache, but most people don’t get that nuance) in the warmer weather months, and reserved the full beard for fall and winter mode. But as my wife began to find my old glasses less and less desirable to look upon, it was decided in a wholly (or at least mostly) democratic fashion that I should retain the full beard until we could afford to get me an eye appointment and new specs. And so it’s been more than a year now, I think, since I’ve seen my cheeks.

I’ve had the new glasses (geek chic look, I like to call it) for months, but only now is the weather truly beginning to make me think warmth is back. So, while I risk losing my blogging strength by cutting off more than half my beard, I will risk the Lord’s wrath. Back to the Van Dyke facial hair for a while, so that Mrs. Blue can have some melanin-challenged cheeks to rub and pinch again.

Little Girl Blue was fascinated with the whole process, and insisted on watching while I removed the beard and stubble. She didn’t even remember that I once had cheeks to show.

9 thoughts on “I Am Deacon, I Am Shorn

  1. The Better Half

    You could have asked me to take a picture of you, I may be laid up but I can still move. These pics make you look a smidge goofy but its alright. Love ya regardless of what you look like. :-)

  2. Deacon Blue

    I was partly fooling around with my new phone to see how good the camera is, hon…I’ll have you take a couple fresh shots with the real camera soon so I can update my sidebar here and my FB profile pic.

    I know these ones made me look a bit goofy, which is why my post was heavy on the self-deprecation. 😉

  3. robyn

    do you worry that now you’re samson? your writing still packs a wallop.
    and what about the rest of you? i horrified some friends when i mentioned that “the BF and i were discussing [xyz policitcal fiasco] the other day while shaving our legs. um, yeah, it’s a cyclist thing, shaving legs.”

  4. Deacon Blue

    Well, thanks for the compliment robyn. I’m sure my wife wishes my body were more Samson-like and not just my writing skills. 😉

    As to “full disclosure,” I think I can avoid grossing anyone out when I say that I did, a few weeks ago, put the guard on my clippers (used primarily to keep my head shaved) to trim down my chest hair, which had begun to peek out the necks of my T-shirts a bit (as well as take care of some shoulder blade hair growth that arrived with middle age several years back, and some hair on my belly). I didn’t venture southward past the waistband, though.

    What is odd is that even though I only TRIMMED the hair at the top of chest, and didn’t shave it down all that much, it itched like a sonuvabeech for two weeks.

    I don’t swim or cycle, so the legs have remained au nauturel.

  5. Lola

    Wait, what? You had to grow a beard until you could get new glasses? Is that just because your wife likes the beard better, so until you had nicer glasses you could at least make it up to her with facial hair? Either way, I think you’re looking a lot like Adam from Mythbusters.

  6. Deacon Blue

    Nah. I’ve always had a beard (well, for the past 20 years, anyway). And during most of that time, and through most of my marriage, it’s been a full beard. It was several years ago that I took the plunge to explore a Van Dyke instead, and surprised my wife by shaving off the sides of my beard…with a positive reception from her when I did so. I would grow it all back in cooler times of the year, and then reduce to the Van Dyke during warm months.

    But as the years went on, my wire rims were beginning to seem less fashionable…to her in particular (in part because of their size…smaller is a bit more fashionable on that front these days) and so over a year ago, as winter began to fade, my wife suggested that perhaps I should keep the full beard until we got me a style of glasses that might be a bit cooler (I like to keep her happy, so it was a small price to pay). So I broke what had become a yearly cycle of full beard vs. Van Dyke and stuck with the full beard for a while.

    Now, the cycle has returned to normal.

    And I could do a lot worse than looking like the Mythbusters guy. 😉

  7. mac

    I haven’t shaved my beard in about 18 years now. Then, it was just once! I didn’t like tha guy’s face much when I saw it 😉

    Basically, since my discharge from the Army at 21, I’ve had whiskers, except for that one time.

  8. Deacon Blue

    As long as it makes the wife happy, I’m not sure I care what it looks like I’m trying to grow on my face. 😉

    No one else I need to impress.

    In any case, spring and summer are all too short where I live, and the full beard shall make its triumphant return in a few months.


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