Deacon New

Belatedly, after owning my new glasses for months, I finally updated my headshot in the sidebar over on the right. Because I know all the ladies out there are dying to see my sexy self…and the men are dying to copy my style.


Yeah…if only it were so. (Though Mrs. Blue insists a young woman was appraising me appreciatively at the new Mexican restaurant in town.)

I may have to change the pic again soon though…Son of Blue insists that my new profile pic should be me wearing my new gray straw fedora.

3 thoughts on “Deacon New

  1. Deacon Blue

    Thanks to both of you.

    I never thought I’d wear glasses that weren’t wire-rims, but it seems to work on me.

    I would call it “geek chic” (and I still do sometimes), but I think it’s become too mainstream to be associated with geeks and nerds like me anymore.



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