The Three R’s of Modern Republicans

In honor of the New  Oxford American Dictionary naming as Word of the Year that made-up monstrosity “refudiate,” which was coined by a clueless politician/pundit/reality show star who apparently doesn’t know what “repudiate” or “refute” are (or where Russia is, or what economic policy is, or what the U.S. Constitution really stands for)…well, I’d like to offer up my own R’s.

Maybe the dictionary folks can name mine “Phrase of the Year”

It’s in honor of the modern Republican “Let’s Just Say No to Everything the President Says Just to Be Bullies” Party, which instead of having a slightly misguided agenda (particularly since Ronald Reagan’s presidency) but basically trying to do some work in Washington, D.C. (as used to be the case when I was a younger man), now instead cozies up to crazy people and espouses insane theories and bands together as a single unit to do nothing but stop progress in the nation for the sake of holding on to power.

OK, sorry for the tangent.

Anyway, my new phrase of made-up words:

Reduxe, Retrues & Reswipel (yeah, it more or less rhymes with the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” phrase coined by the liberal elitist scum who actually read books instead of banning or burning them.)

Reduxe, you see, is a merging of “redux” and “reduce,” meant to convey the GOP’s longstanding history of cutting socially minded programs in favor of paying for the waging of war, subsidizing of the oil industry, or making sure religion is taught in public school.

Retrues honors the increasingly common practice of making shit up about anyone not in the Republican Party, not matter how much evidence to the contrary exists, and investigating them for crimes related to those made-up facts whenever possible. It also honors the ability of more and more GOP politicians to use the Bible as their basis for refuting climate change research, based on the idea that God won’t let anything happen to us (though many of them will tell you, oddly enough, that if we allow same-sex marriage God will strike our nation down, because apparently he can handle climate issues but not relationship ones.)

Reswiple merges the “re” prefix with “swipe” and adds extra crap just to make it sound right rolling off the tongue. It honors the practice of continuing to give bigger and bigger tax breaks to the wealthy, while denying cost of living adjustments (or sometimes living wages) for the people who actually do the work in this nation (see my rant here for more on that).

No, no need to thank me for me for giving you some new R words and a whole new made-up phrase, Republicans. Just send me a check for $2 million and we’ll call it even.

3 thoughts on “The Three R’s of Modern Republicans

  1. thewordofme

    Deacon you have hit on so many of my buttons I am in total awe and pretty much speechless.
    The Repubs do all of what you say and so much more…they are f**king up our country in ways we don’t even understand yet.

    I wish I had wrote what you just did…


  2. Deacon Blue

    Glad to have resonated with you TWOM.

    In my 42 years (granted, only around 30 of them as a reasonably politically aware human), I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more obstructionist, destructive and utterly bitter/mean-tempered set of politicians than I have since Obama was elected.

    I sometimes feel like I ended up on Bizarro World and am certain this can’t really be the normal reality into which I was born.


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