Neglectful, Yet Productive

I’ve been very bad lately about tending to this blog. On the other hand, I’ve been keeping a decent pace of fiction writing at my Tales of the Whethermen blog. Honestly, if you haven’t gone there yet and like fiction, please visit. And for God’s sake, someone comment on my writing, even if it’s to tell me what I’m doing wrong. 😉

Yes, the blog is superhero/super-power-oriented, but in all honesty, characters, relationships and issues are my drivers for most plots. No “bam” or “pow” action going on here (though there are the occasional fight scenes here and there).

I’ll try to have some new content for here soon. I have to admit, there just aren’t any issues grabbing me right now, spiritual or political. Maybe I’m just tired and need a holiday rest from both topics (aside from celebrating the birth of Jesus on the day he probably wasn’t born on).

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